38 Feet of Snow and An Island Vacation

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that I’m planning a big trip for November. I love the changing seasons, but I start to become restless once the cold and dreary weather really sets in. Maryland weather can be awful in the fall and winter months—though a huge blizzard is kind of fun when you’re in the midst of final exams (well, only when said exams are consequently canceled).

For a little humor on a Wednesday evening, watch this completely candid video. You are welcome.

(That would be my sister, Ali. I don’t trek through 38 feet of snow, thank you very much.)

Knowing that I’d be ready for July temperatures after about a month of cooler weather, I decided to go ahead and plan a beach trip. In less than a month, I’ll be on a plane and headed to an island. It’s only October and I’m already craving the three b’s that exemplify summer perfectly—beaches, bikinis, and beers. Besides, a week of vacation means pure relaxation, delicious food, and good company.



mexico throwback

If it has to be fall [then winter and spring] before it can be summer again, then a vacation to a warm climate is clearly in order. So, where exactly am I going? Curacao! Curacao is part of the ABC islands, located in the Dutch Caribbean. It’s beneath the hurricane belt, so I’m hoping for picture-perfect weather. I’m mostly excited to feel hot sand beneath my toes, but I’m also looking forward to experiencing the rich culture that this hidden gem has to offer.



The resort where I will be staying is kind enough to offer me complimentary internet access so that I can blog during my stay, but I also want to line up some guest posts. If anyone is interested in doing a guest post for me, email me at jimmychoosonthetreadmill@gmail.com. I have a few ideas for some posts, but all topics are welcome!

Do you like blizzard weather?

Are you planning any trips in the near future? If so, where are you going?

Ever been to Curacao?


16 thoughts on “38 Feet of Snow and An Island Vacation

  1. Ah!! That trip sounds like a blast, and Curacao looks beautiful. We are in the talks of planning a vacation after I graduate from PA school in December. I would love to get away from the cold in January and go somewhere with a beach! 🙂

  2. That sounds so fun! That picture looks so cute and whimsical. I’ve never experienced blizzard weather before, but I feel like it would be one of those things that is super fun the first time, and then it gets old fast.

  3. Doughnut plate, that is such a win 🙂 Looks like a beautiful place you’ll be headed to! I like blizzard weather because it means a snow day at my university. I’ll be headed to Hawaii later this winter for my sister’s wedding, so I understand your excitement!!

  4. I love the winter months just because it’s the holidays and I enjoy that time with my family…I can handle snow but definitely NOT a blizzard! Enjoy your vacation. Is Lo’s book good? I’ve been meaning to read it.

    • I like the warm and cozy feeling of the winter months, just not the brisk temperatures!

      Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by Lo’s book. I “read” it in one day–not because I couldn’t put it down, but because I mostly skimmed through it. I felt like it targeted young girls (ages 13-17) with low self-esteem. It could be helpful, but it wasn’t that well-written and was long-winded.

  5. Before even reading your post, I saw the pictures and immediatley knew it was Curacao. We vactioned there back in 05 and LOVED it. Everyone was is so nice and welcoming. You will have a blast.

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