Meet My Family

My family is a big part of my life, so it’s likely that you’ll read a lot about them on my blog. There are a lot of us, but it’s not [too] hard to keep track of who’s who! I’m the second oldest of five children. There are four girls and one boy. My brother is the youngest, and yes, he is spoiled rotten. There’s never a dull moment in my house, but that’s what we love the most.

My parents are the best parents that I have ever had. So maybe they’re the only parents that I have ever had, but they have tolerated us thus far, and that’s something worth mentioning!

My dad is the funniest person ever, but he doesn’t even realize it. My siblings and I find his accent hilarious, especially when he is telling us the story about the first time he had a burger from Burger King (which we have heard at least a thousand times). Despite having four daughters who love to shop, he is usually a good sport about our splurges!

My mom is truly Super Mom. She has always been there to finish our state box projects on Alabama when we got too tired and to bake five dozen cupcakes for our class parties when we forgot at 11pm the night before. She is never too pleased when we leave a sink full of dishes for her, but she never fails to keep everything running smoothly.

My sisters are my best friends. We have our arguments, but we get along for the most part. The best thing about having three sisters is that we have three extra closets to choose from. I get aggravated when Natalie secretly snatches a pair of my shorts then breaks the button on them, but it all evens out in the end (sorry for the hole in your sweater!).

Jen is my 24-year-old sister. Though we are four years apart, we have always been close. I actually take that back. Being that she was an only child until I came along, she was not happy when I was born and stole her thunder. She immediately assumed the role of the bossy older sister–she even used to sing a song about an elephant sitting on my head! She was nice, I know.

Natalie, a recent high school graduate, is 19 years old. She has a bold personality and has a bite to her tongue, which is why we call her the chihuahua. She is becoming a world traveler; she participated in a foreign exchange program in China two summers ago and visited Italy just this past July. During the summer, we nanny together, and have the best time dragging a van full of kids around.

Ali is my 17-year-old sister. When necessary, she doubles as my twin. Can you see the resemblance? We love her because she’s naive, but the cutest thing ever! We get on her case for taking hours to get ready and laugh because she’s always frazzled. She’s an amazing dancer (she’ll often bust out a move at any given time) and a great basketball player.

Brian is 15 years old and is the baby of the family. Because of his small size, we sometimes forget that he is a high schooler and tend to treat him like he is five. He won’t admit it, but he secretly loves when his older sisters take care of him. He is always active, whether it is running around the house driving everyone nuts or outside cutting a tree down with his bowie knife that he ordered from Amazon himself.

That’s everyone in a nutshell!


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  7. How you described your sister Natalie reminds me of myself! I worked in Beijing last summer and will be spending this summer studying/traveling in Spain and France this summer!

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