The Kids Tell Me I’m Weird

Similar to most weekdays, I spent the afternoon babysitting. I was watching Maddie and Luke, two children that I frequently babysat in high school. Since Luke wasn’t around last time I babysat (when Maddie had her seven boyfriends over and we spent the afternoon gossiping), we decided that he needed to be debuted on the blog.


Isn’t he a stud? I also had to attack Maddie, of course.

attacking Maddie

I’m a very affectionate babysitter. Sometimes the kids tell me that I’m weird. And they always point out that they are taller and bigger than me.

Maddie and Luke were thinking ahead and suggested that they get a picture of me so that I could do an outfit post. It took us about ten tries, and we still ended up with an awful picture. The camera on my Blackberry was being lame and I was being impatient.

free people dress and boots

Dress: Free People

Gray Cami: Forever21 (stolen out of Ali’s closet)

Brown Leather Boots: Ralph Lauren (seen better here)

Gold Watch: Michael Kors

Worst picture ever. I promise not to ruin your eyesight anymore.

After I finished babysitting, I met my long-time friend, Melissa, for dinner at Atwater’s. I ate at Atwater’s once over the summer and loved it, so I was definitely excited to go back. The food is made using local, fresh ingredients—which is always something I look for when choosing a restaurant.


Melissa and I chatted about a wide range of topics before walking over to Kenilworth Mall to stop in a few stores. I can’t go to Kenilworth without checking out the newest items at South Moon Under.


Though the Ocean City location is my favorite South Moon Under, I also love the store in Kenilworth for one main reason: if I’m lucky enough, I’ll happen to be shopping while my pledge sister Christina is working.


Tonight was one of those nights—I was so happy to see her! It had been a while since we last saw each other, so I enjoyed chatting with her for a few minutes and sharing the latest details of our lives. (Hi, Christina!!)

I made it home just in time to catch the newest episode of 90210. I love shows that don’t make me think because, well, I don’t have to think. If I can’t blog, shop online, fold a load of laundry, and bake a batch of cookies while watching a show, then it requires too much thought.


Thankfully, 90210 fits the bill perfectly.

Do you babysit? If so, how silly do you get with the kids? I’ve seriously had kids tell me before that it’s time to buckle down and to stop fooling around.

What was the last restaurant you went to? Did you enjoy your meal?

What kind of television shows do you enjoy? Mindless, trashy TV, or thought-provoking, educational shows? Uhh, I think we all know my answer to this one.

P.S. Keep sending me your blog links and questions for my Q&A post (you can ask anonymously through Formspring). I’ve received some great ones so far; I can’t wait to share! Smile


14 thoughts on “The Kids Tell Me I’m Weird

  1. Those kids are studs. And their babysitter is too! Haha. I babysit my neighbors, but they’re really young and always asleep by the time I get over there. It’s kind of nice though, because I get paid to watch TV!

  2. We have such similar taste in television! Trashy for ME!

    I have never been to South Moon Under! I neeeeed to go! I used to live near one but never visited it! Clearly I have been missing out!

    The girlies I babysit just turned 14 months so I get to be ridiculous around them and they just giggle. It is great!

  3. Haha those kids are studs! I do babysit and kids have told me something quite similar! I remember I was reading a story one time, Harry Potter as a matter of fact, and having the great time acting out the characters… they told me to stop lol

  4. I don’t babysit but I used to all the time- now I become a mom to 15ish of them every day from 7:30-4:00 at school. 🙂 -A mom that is concerned about their education of corse!
    Your outfit is cute! …And hello to your two kiddos that you so lovingly adore. 🙂

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