Louboutins and Cardigans

Earlier today, I was busy (read: wasting time) creating sets with items that I had found while doing some online shopping. After stumbling upon a pair of Christian Louboutin Ziggy Peep Toe Booties, I created a set inspired by the unique shoes.

ziggy peep toes

It’s a shame that I don’t have anything to pair these with, as they would set me back a mere $1,400. I tend to prefer a more classic look, but it’s fun to have some wild picks too.

glam rock

If I can’t have a pair of Louboutins, I guess I can settle with some other items that will give me that edge that I’m craving. Blue nail polish is pretty crazy, right?

As I was imagining myself as a bad-ass biker chick, my friend Jamie brought me back to reality when she asked for cardigan suggestions. Really?! Cardigans?! Couldn’t she have asked about leather jackets at least? I don’t know where she got the notion that I’d be a go-to person for advice on sweaters. That sounds more like Mr. Rogers’ league if you ask me.

mr rogerssource

Sure, maybe I sometimes button one up on a brisk day in November. But that’s like barely ever. In the off-chance that I do go shopping for a cardigan rather than a pair of killer heels, I’d go to Old Navy for affordable, but cute sweaters.


Unless you are going for a geek chic look, ditch the ones with buttons and opt for open-front cardigans. These choices are feminine and vary in texture, making them perfect to wear on top of a pretty shirt on a fall day. Cardigans are ideal for layering, which is why I love them. There! I said it! I love cardigans!

Now all I need is a pair of penny loafers and a crisp pair of trousers (though I must say that penny loafers are back this year and are adorable).

What do you think of the Louboutin Ziggy Booties?

What’s your personal style? Conservative? Quirky? Boho?

Do you wear cardigans?


14 thoughts on “Louboutins and Cardigans

  1. Almost every single piece of clothing in my closet is from Banana…or Ann Taylor…conservative much?! Ha! I am trying to be a bit more trendy and adventurous! This is why your blog is AMAZING! You teach me SO much!

    I have about 100 cardigans. Love. Love. Love.

  2. I couldn’t pull off the Louboutins, but yes, I definitely have my fair share of cardigans. I think mine are all just basic ones from J.Crew. As an accounting major I’m always having to wear “business casual” to various events and socials, so it’s nice to be able to pair a sleeveless silk blouse with a pencil skirt and cardigan (once it gets cooler) to sharpen things up.

  3. I love louboutins. Nope, don’t have any but I would LOVE a classic pair of black patent heels. They’re perfection. I am certainly a cardigan girl. I love pairing them with a skinny belt around the mid section and a longer tee underneath.

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