Fall Favorites

Every time that I think I can officially retire my shorts and flouncy skirts for the season, the temperatures in Baltimore hit nearly 80 degrees again. My rule of thumb is to always dress according to the weather while still keeping the calendar in mind—bright neons are tucked away in my closet, but transitioning pieces are kept on rotation.

The key to updating summery looks is to accessorize with more fall-appropriate items. It seems silly to still be wearing short-sleeved shirts, so adding a printed scarf and booties helps make an outfit feel in line with the season.


1. Karen Walker Sunglasses 2. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette 3. Topshop Studded Cardigan 4. Wanted Glitter Booties 5. House of Harlow Sunburst Necklace 6. Diane von Furstenberg Voile Scarf 6. The Cambridge Company Gold Satchel

With the exception of statement pieces—like colored jeans—I almost always choose darker, muted hues during the colder months. This year, however, I’ve found myself gravitating towards sparkly pieces. Glitter booties are on my “to-buy” list, and I’m obsessed with these loafers that I bought for under $20 at Target.

What are you currently obsessing over this season


Fashion Meets Fitness

Other than the fact that I’m a diva at times, I’m convinced that attire and overall appearance significantly impacts my mood. There’s a good chance that I’ll doze off in the middle of a lecture if I’m wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but if I’m wearing a new silk blouse from Anthropologie, it’s unlikely that I’ll be slouching. I mean come on, I wouldn’t want it to wrinkle.

Similarly, I feel the same rules apply when it comes to the gym. I can run a little faster, lift a little heavier, and downward-dog a little longer when I’m wearing a cute lululemon workout skirt and a colorful racer-back tank. But if I’m in a ratty t-shirt and seven-year-old elastic shorts, I find myself trying to leave the gym as soon as possible. Simply put, I believe that you feel good when you look good.

So why not do a guide for gym-appropriate wear? Granted, I do sometimes exercise in my bathing suit, but that’s a whole other issue.


Ever seen a girl on a treadmill flailing her arms and trying to run at full speed while swatting at her face because loose strands of hair are impairing her vision? I’m that girl. Having a long mane of hair is probably the most annoying thing about working out. Thankfully, I can throw on a cute headband to tame my fly-aways and make running a little easier.

Lululemon Athletic Headband, $12

If I don’t want to deal with my hair at all, I’ll just throw on a cute hat and voila! No hair problems to deal with.

Life is Good Hat, $20

I’m obviously not going to wear my ceramic watch while sweating it out on the treadmill, but I still like to have a relatively fashionable one for my workouts. My Ironman watch doesn’t seem to hold up well in water, so this Baby-G is on my wish list.

Baby-G Watch, $79

I like colorful headphones not only because they’re fun, but because they restrict Brian from stealing them from me.

Aural New York Headphones, $15

Workout Tops

During the summer time, when I want to stay as cool as possible while exercising, I tend to gravitate towards tank tops. I particularly like the ones made by Under Armour and lululemon. Not only are they flattering, but they also come in an array of colors.

Under Armour Racerback Tank, $40

Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank, $52

Workout Bottoms

Let’s get it right out. Running can create unnecessary anxiety. No, not the I-hate-running-so-much-I-think-I-might-die kind of anxiety. I’m talking about the anxiety caused by some workout bottoms. More like, shit! my-shorts-are-riding-up-and-there’s-a-cute-guy-on-the-treadmill-behind-me kind of anxiety. These bottoms help avoid the running wedgie at all costs, making it easy to run at least 15 miles. 😉

Nike Tempo Shorts, $28

Under Armour Escape Shorts, $30

This running skirt is great for running, but I mainly wear it while playing tennis. Mostly because I think I’m Serena Williams.

Nike Pacer Running Skirt, $45

Workout Shoes

I try not to buy a pair of shoes based solely [no pun intended] on their style, but I must admit, I don’t want to wear an ugly pair of shoes, gym or not. While I strongly advise that you visit your local running store to be properly fitted, it doesn’t hurt to buy shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

Asics Gel Kayano 17 Running Shoes, $140

Brooks Ghost 4 Running Shoe, $100

Nike Free Run Running Shoes, $85

How do you look cute while working out?