Some call it well-rounded; I call it insane. In the past week, I’ve started a third internship for this semester. Along with a full course load, freelance work, babysitting, and uh, a life, it’s a lot to manage, but I greatly value each and every opportunity.

As I was finishing my internship in New York City for Jill Stuart, I began seeking ways to get more involved with the fashion scene in Baltimore. Though it’s limited and not even remotely comparable to that of the city that never sleeps, it does exist. A local country club hosts a fashion show each year, so I reached out to see if I could help in the production process.

I then discovered that Stephanie Bradshaw Styling, a unique Baltimore-based company, produces the show. From that point, I immediately knew that I wanted to intern for the designer. Not only does Stephanie Bradshaw Styling do fashion styling, but interior design and event planning as well.

After interviewing with the team and seeing their gorgeous office space, I was thrilled to be offered the position. My first day on the job included shopping for artwork and putting the finishing touches on a model apartment that was about to be revealed!


photo courtesy of SB Styling

It’s a crazy schedule, but I love it!


One thought on “Insane

  1. Oh goodness! Congrats girl! …Keep living it up while you have the energy and time to go chase those dreams! Those are some of the best years that form your future (being an adult with a bedtime will creep up on it if you let it 😉 ….but it’s not so bad either 🙂 )

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