Just My Luck

It’s just my luck that…the first time I ever worked out with a personal trainer, I completely trusted him and went flying off the treadmill. In my defense, I was only fourteen and he told me that no one had ever fallen off while running sprints on the highest incline. My bloody knees sure showed him.

It’s just my luck that…the one day I open all of my car windows while driving on the highway and bopping to Carly Rae Jepson, a massive bug lands on my shoulder. Then, as I’m trying to swat it off (by ferociously moving my shoulder and looking like a lunatic), it flies onto the steering wheel. Windshield wipers were moving back and forth, high beams were flashing, and turn signals were blinking. Always use air conditioning.

It’s just my luck that…even after calling my friend to confirm her new address, I still ended up knocking on the wrong door, in the wrong apartment building. Just to be clear, I did awkwardly stand in front of a stranger with a bottle of wine and proceed to ask if she knew where my friend lived. She didn’t.

It’s just my luck that…I ordered an iPod from Best Buy and received an empty box in the mail. (I eventually did get the iPod after I called the company.)

It’s just my luck that…


One thought on “Just My Luck

  1. Haha story of my life, I always have the worst luck. One time when I randomly decided to take the stairs, starting on the 15th floor, I fell and slid all the way down an entire flight!

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