Dinner Party

My younger sister, Natalie, recently moved into a apartment, so we’ve been planning a dinner party at her new place. Since Rachel (who we went to Miami with this past summer) was getting ready to move to California for the next several months, we thought this past weekend would be the perfect weekend to host friends.


Between class, a lengthy homework assignment, an interview, grocery shopping, and cleaning, not much time was left to prepare for the actual party. In under two hours, Natalie and I managed to fill vases with bouquets of flowers, decorate her entire apartment with fall décor (all swiped from my mom’s collection), light several dozen candles, cut an eight-pound block of cheese, cook dinner, and get dressed.



Just as the last guest was arriving, the chicken finished baking and we sat down to eat almost immediately.

dinner party

The menu included eggplant chicken parmesan, homemade baked macaroni and cheese, Caesar salad, and fresh baguette, all paired with a glass of red wine.


Although there was leftovers, I didn’t go back for seconds so that I could save room for dessert. Our friend Misty brought a fruit pizza and I baked a batch of cookies. Considering I made the cookies to supplement a presentation that I was giving to my class and baked them at 6am while thriving off of three hours of sleep, I was unsure of how they would turn out. The cookies disappeared, so I took that as a good sign!

After cleaning up and putting away any potential fire hazards (we weren’t about to trust boys around candles), more of our friends came over. A lot of our high school friends happened to be in town, so it was fun to be able to see them, too!

The upside to having plenty of leftovers? A late-night call to the grimy pizza place for drunk food was not necessary. Once I had more dessert, my sister Ali and I headed back home to our house—we wanted to stay out longer, but I was exhausted!


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