Online Documentation of My Dating Life

To be completely candid, there are days—and sometimes even weeks—when the last thing that I want to do is open Windows Live Writer and blog. Conversely, there are also times, like today, when I am itching to form content (even if it is as silly as chronicling my embarrassing moments). I don’t know if it’s because the daunting thought of studying 126 pages is consuming me, and procrastinating is only logical, or if it’s because blogging has become part of my routine.

When I first created Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill, there was no predisposition for it to become “a success.” But then again, I think a success can be defined in more ways than one. Before blogging became a phenomenon, it was negatively viewed as creepy, online journaling. While I didn’t plan to make my WordPress site an online documentation of my dating life, I did see it as a place to share random musings with followers (read: my mom and best friend).

It has since evolved further than I ever expected, and for that, I’m eternally grateful, but also extremely overwhelmed. In the matter of two weeks, several amazing opportunities have been presented and I can’t wait until they come to fruition. I hope to share more details soon—preferably not when my blogging time is limited to the duration of a study break.

Of course, a little J.Crew therapy can always help a stressful situation (especially when it’s all on sale and from the factory!). These are my latest finds from this past weekend…

FP1 FP3FP9 FP7 FP2 FP10 fp6 fp4

Click photos to be redirected to J.Crew’s site.


5 thoughts on “Online Documentation of My Dating Life

  1. I’m excited to hear about the new things happening with your blog! I just started mine to kind of keep people at home informed about my life but as I read other blogs (like yours) I’m inspired to make it “a success.” Good luck on all of your studying!

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