Fashion’s Night Out in Baltimore

A Monday through Friday class schedule kept me in Baltimore this year for Fashion’s Night Out, so I planned to go downtown to spend the evening with my sisters. After experiencing the craziness of trying to push through Beliebers last year, shopping in Harbor East was much more civilized.


With drinks in hand, we started the night at South Moon Under. We ran into several friends, including one of my ZTA sisters, as we checked out the new fall collections.


The scene in Baltimore is undoubtedly much more casual than New York, but this shopper caught my attention with her bold-printed pants and bright red heels.


We then walked next door to Urban Chic, a large boutique with a variety of designer labels. I found an olive green Rebecca Minkoff clutch that I loved, but I ultimately decided not to buy it.


Jen, Natalie, and I wanted to go to the new Anthropoligie store that opened a few months ago, so we went there afterwards. The space was formerly a car dealership—neeedless to say, it was huge! We stayed until the store closed, eating plenty of cheese and crackers and hummus with pita bread.

Three glasses of champagne later, I ended up back at South Moon Under, making an alcohol-induced purchase. I ended up ordering the Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip clutch, and to be completely honest, I had forgotten that the credit card swiping occurred until the package arrived in the mail. The marketing technique clearly worked (noted for future references).

Come 10:30pm, reality settled in: I had a damn essay to finish. With a midnight deadline, I rushed back to Jen’s house in Canton and scrambled to write a four-page paper on telecommuting. Apparently my ability to form coherent sentences while intoxicated is better than I thought. A few glasses of Prosecco, a new handbag, and a 90% all on the same night? It’s no meet-and-greet with Kim Kardashian in Soho, but I’ll take it for a night in Baltimore!

Did you go shopping in your city for Fashion’s Night Out?


3 thoughts on “Fashion’s Night Out in Baltimore

  1. Thanks for sharing my pic from Fashions Night out on ur blog. I am going to share ur blog on my facebook page. Its a great read! Keep up the good work!

    Zippora Lewis

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