Tales of a Nordstrom Shopaholic

It’s no secret that Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores. Nordstrom’s anniversary sales are marked on my calendar months in advance and I regard their shoe events as national holidays. As a thirteen year old with an obsession with Coach handbags, I thought the most logical thing to do was apply for a Nordstrom credit card. It turned out that my middle school bus pass was not approved as proper photo identification.

Several years later (and several zeros added to my bank account), I finally qualified for a department store credit card. I don’t agree with charging, err, unjustified purchases to a credit card, so I instead opted for a debit card. Disregarding the fact that it encourages my frequent shopping habits, I love all of the benefits that my Nordstrom debit card provides. The card is linked to my bank account, making monthly payments unnecessary and making me more conscious of my spending. In addition to being invited to shop their pre-sales, complimentary alterations, and knowing the sales associates’ first names, Nordstrom also rewards cardholders with a point system.

Each net dollar that you spend equates to points, and once you reach a minimum, you’ll receive a $20 Nordstrom note in the mail. Granted, it’s one big shopping circle—you spend more money to earn more points to earn a note to spend more money. I just like to think that I bought a new watch “for free.”

With a stack of Nordstrom notes piling up and their shoe clearance event officially starting today, I couldn’t help but do a little back-to-school shopping. Searching the sale section, I found some great picks.


MARC by Marc Jacobs Fran Shopper


Anna Beck ‘Gili’ Ring (a Nordstrom exclusive!)


Kate Spade iPhone Case

Nordstrom 6

Michael Kors White Silicone Watch


 BCBGeneration Neon Wedges

What is your favorite store?


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