Retro Birthday Bash

On Saturday, my family threw a retro-themed party in celebration of my older sister’s 25th birthday.


{A chalkboard sign welcomed guests}

We decorated the entire first floor of my house, not forgetting a single detail.


{Mason jars served as thank you gifts}


{Animal crackers in an authentic tin}


{Peanut butter and jelly bites—an old classic}

Because my dad and I had been away for the majority of the summer, we were both glad that we were able to be home to celebrate Jen’s birthday.


Lunch included a huge array of homemade foods: shrimp and egg salad on croissants, baked macaroni and cheese, mini corn dogs, strawberry and feta salad, cut watermelon, and mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


{A colorful lunch plate}

Once everyone ate, we changed into our bathing suits to take a dip in the pool. My mom surprised all of us with flowered swim caps—they were hilarious!


{Seventeen synchronized swimmers}


{Ladies’ man}


{Jen and her roommate, Tanya, enjoying the water}

After spending time swimming, we sat down for a crab feast.


{Crabs loaded with Old Bay spice}

Although we were sufficiently full from a day of eating and drinking, everyone was looking forward to the candy bar.


{A tempting candy bar}

Along with tons of candy, we also had pink lemonade cupcakes, mini peach cobblers, and root beer floats.

{Pink lemonade cupcakes}

The majority of the group left around 7pm, but Jen and Tanya stayed to help clean up for a bit. The three of us then went to Jen’s house downtown to get ready for a night out in Fells Point. We met back up with several of her friends before going to Bond Street Social.

We wanted to sing karaoke, so we then went to Walt’s Inn, a small bar in Canton. Unfortunately, it was already past 1am and karaoke apparently ends before the bar actually closes. On the upside, I ran into another blogger, Meaghan, and we had fun catching up. It was such a fun day spent with family and friends!

What was the last themed party that you went to or hosted?

What did you do over the weekend?


6 thoughts on “Retro Birthday Bash

  1. That sounds like such a fun party! I love all of the dishes and party favors, but that candy dessert bar is the COOLEST! Can I come to your next party?! 🙂

  2. What a perfect party ! you had thought about every thing ..! I love those flowered swim caps more than anything else…! That was a cute surprise ! Wish I could be there too ! may be next time…! 🙂

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