Dating in New York City

Maybe it’s because all six year olds bonded over making unidentifiable objects out of Play-Doh, or because we didn’t worry about our patterned turtlenecks being trendy, but making a new best friend was a cinch as a kindergartner. In fact, if you owned Lands’ End overalls that were similar to my denim ensemble, I automatically invited you over to my house to trade stickers.

lisa frank

Finding a boyfriend was even easier—all it took was passing a hand-written note scribbled on a piece of loose leaf paper to your crush. A simple question determined whether or not you could doodle his name across the front of your notebook in Gelly Roll pens: Will you be my boyfriend? Circle yes or no. Everyone was a serial dater in elementary school and you always ended up dating your BFF’s ex-boyfriend—that was perfectly acceptable, though, considering that few relationships lasted through recess.

Despite knowing a lot of people in New York, I don’t have my core group of friends here in the city. Then again, living with a 52-year-old guy didn’t exactly help open up new circles of friends, either. I got lucky when I moved and found not only a great apartment, but a great roommate as well. Trisha happens to be from Maryland, and there are no talking panda bears in sight (um, yeah, my first living situation was pretty bad).

Because I’m the only public relations intern at Jill Stuart, I haven’t had much of a chance to meet the design team interns. It’s also difficult to instantaneously become actual friends with someone that you meet at a bar, especially when you’re shouting over the music and can barely remember anyone’s name.

Before coming to the city, I had been emailing Lauren, and we talked about getting lunch once she moved to New York herself. I’ve been reading her blog, Sprinkled with Love, for about a year now, and I discovered in February that we have a mutual friend—a girl that I worked with during Fashion Week is Lauren’s good friend!

On Friday, we planned to meet at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle before going to Central Park. Having a one-on-one meet-up with a blogger is like dating on It’s weird. You know what your date looks like, but let’s be serious, Photoshop can do wonders. You already know his or her personal interests, but no one lists live action role-playing as a hobby on their profile.

We sat and talked over salads for two hours, not even realizing how much time had passed. I didn’t feel the need to secretly pull pepper spray out of my purse, so we continued our afternoon at the park.


Discussing everything from blogging to our love of J.Crew, we spent over an hour sitting on a bench chatting away. Just like that, I felt as if I was back in kindergarten, making a new friend that I would soon share my Dunkaroos with at snack time.

Lauren’s friend, Allie, was celebrating her 22nd birthday last night, so Lauren invited me to join them. They had rented several tables at the Strand’s rooftop bar, which had an amazing view of the Empire State Building.

The combination of a cool summer evening, great new friends, and a glass of wine made for the perfect night in the city.

Is it hard for you to make new friends as an adult?

If you are a blogger, have you ever had a one-on-one blogger meet-up? Were you nervous?


18 thoughts on “Dating in New York City

  1. I grinned ear-to-ear while reading this entire post. So glad you decided to keep the pepper spray in your bag and despite the fact we’re much older than kindergartners, I’d be extremely honored if we share some Dunkaroos sometime real soon. I can’t tell you enough how glad I am we finally met up AND how much fun I had both at lunch, as well as last night. 🙂 I look forward to future dates!

  2. I’ve been lucky that it’s been SO easy to meet people here in Virginia. The company I work for hires lots of young people, so that made it super easy right away, and I’ve been lucky that Virginia has TONS of bloggers 🙂

  3. hey girl! so incredibly hard to meet people after college.(at least for me it has been) I have been thankful for the internet for filling that void as weird and dumb as it sounds- sometimes it satisfies my social needs more than meeting people in person! (although- would love to meet some blog friends in person like you did!)

    • I know what you mean–sometimes I keep up more with my “online life” than my personal life! The blogging world is a great thing, though. My cousins who live in Iran read my blog–they love being able to stay up-to-date on my life since I haven’t seen them in over 12 years!

  4. I’m totally going through this right now! Moved to LA with my husband about 5 months ago, we’ve met some people but it is definently hard!

  5. I definitely think making friends as an adult is difficult! Ah the good old days of grade school — or even college — it was so much easier!

    I’ve never done a one-on-one blogger meet-up before, but since any other time I’ve meet bloggers it’s gone well, I definitely wouldn’t be hesistant to do so!

  6. Making friends is hard especially in a new place!! So glad you put yourself out there when went for the meet up!
    I had a one on on blogger meet up one them when Meg from Eat Drink & be Sperry came to visit NoLa. You’re right, it’s so like haha but it went great and we still keep in touch!

  7. Meeting new friends post-college is very hard! I just moved to Texas and didn’t know anybody here. I’m working as a CNA in an extended stay living facility so the majority of people I interact with on a daily basis are between 50-90 years old. Not exactly the 20-something crowd I’m used to hanging out with.

  8. I feel like it’s awkward to meet new friends as an adult!! In fact, since moving to the city my only friends are people I’ve worked with!! I’ve met people at bars and in that drunken state you’re always like yes! Lets be friends it will be great! then what, awkwardly text the next day saying “oh hey remember when we were drunk and we said we would be friends? Well I was serious, how about you?”

    I’ve never done a blogger meet up either, but I’ve also only started blogging a few weeks ago!!

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