Barbies and Sprinkles

Yesterday, in the late morning, my mom and two of my sisters came to New York to spend the day with me in the city. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day, so we planned to spend the majority of our day outdoors. After giving them a complete tour of my apartment (aka showing them my bathroom, kitchen, living area, and bedroom all from the doorway—gotta love city living), we walked across the street to a cute outdoor café.


I needed to do a quick photo shoot for an upcoming CollegeFashionista assignment, so I had asked Ali to take photos for me while she was here. If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already saw a sneak peek!


Afterwards, we hopped on the subway and headed to the Chelsea Market for lunch.


We ate sandwiches at a small deli before checking out the different bakeries with sweet desserts. The array of cookies at Eleni’s was tempting, but we ultimately decided to wait until later for treats.


The four of us then walked to High Line, a park that is built atop of the streets on a former railroad line, and spotted the Missoni-clad David statue along the way.




Since it was already in the high 80s by the early afternoon, we only sat in the sun for a few minutes.


We checked out the High Line food vendors as we walked the mile-long park.



As girls who owned every Barbie imaginable, we had to see the installation at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum.


The creations were so neat—I especially loved the accessories. My favorite was the shopping Barbie who had bags full of designer shoes!

From midtown, we walked to Rockefeller Plaza to visit the American Girl Doll Store and to do some shopping.



No day is complete without something sweet—an ice cream cone dipped in sprinkles was the perfect end to a visit with my family.


What is your favorite thing to do in New York City?


14 thoughts on “Barbies and Sprinkles

    • I’ve actually never had a Crumbs cupcake! I’m not a huge cupcake person, but I love the Baked by Melissa ones (they’re mini, so much more manageable). We almost stopped into Crumbs, but it was just too hot to get anything other than ice cream!

  1. Oh gosh—- eating!!!! I can’t get food like that anywhere here in the midwest! …….I love to walk around and just experience the city! I also liked evenings out with friends while I lived near the city- just watching football and relaxing and enjoying people!

  2. I wanna go back SO badly now. Like soooo badly……..especially after seeing your apartment! Wahhh 😦 Oh, and you forgot to mention photo cred by me and only me 🙂

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