Model Casting Call

With the rest of the week off from my internship, I planned to spend the day reading a book on the rooftop of my apartment while getting a tan. It was lightly raining this morning, but the sun was shining through my bedroom window so I assumed that the weather had cleared up. Apparently a torrential downpour with lightning and thunder began as I was going up twenty flights in the elevator.


Instead of staying in my apartment and succumbing to watching endless hours of television, I brought my laptop up to the lounge where I’m now blogging.

About a month ago, I began an additional internship position for an event planning company in Baltimore (I have been working remotely while in New York City). I need to catch up on a few writing assignments, so I’m hoping to finish those as well.

model casting call 2

Of course the clicking of high heels across the hardwood floors is distracting me from formulating cohesive sentences. A model casting call is being held here in the lounge and as each tall and lanky blonde walks through the door, I’m regretting the empty gourmet kettlecorn bag that is sitting in my trashcan more and more. (Popcorn and a movie is required on a rainy day, right?).

Then again, maybe I should just join the crowd that has now embraced the dreary weather and is sitting outside in the cabanas—with beers in hand, no less.


6 thoughts on “Model Casting Call

  1. Loveeee where you are living! I’m always awed by such chic places!! LoL. I love NoLa, but everything is a house made into an apartment and old – I wouldn’t trade it for the world though!
    And yes … I’d be distracted too! That would be so fun to watch!

    • Thank you! It’s definitely very chic–no one ever realizes that it’s an apartment building, everyone thinks that it’s a hotel! The only downside is that there isn’t much light in the building, but that’s pretty typical of NYC apartments.

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