From Brooklyn to Lea Michele

Although I’ve visited New York City many times before, I actually have only been to a few tourist attractions. Admittedly, a day of shopping and enjoying sweet treats is more appealing than going to a museum, but I’ve made a list of “must-sees” while I’m here for the summer. Sightseeing is much more feasible in eight weeks, compared to a mere eight hours.


I’ve wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge ever since my friend Kevin suggested that we do it a few weeks ago. We weren’t able to do it before he left the city for the summer, but today seemed to be ideal for a leisurely stroll. My apartment is just under a mile away from the bridge, so I put on my running shoes and headed out in the early evening.


Besides nearly being run over by a zealous biker, it was the perfect way to spend my Sunday evening. The views of both Brooklyn and Manhattan were incredible, there was a cool breeze despite the 80-degree temperature, and it was a change from my usual exercise routine.




I was walking through City Hill Park on my way back to my apartment when I noticed a crowd gathered around a bench. Once I saw the extensive equipment set up, I realized that a television show was being filmed—Glee! I watched from a distance for a few minutes as groups of fourteen-year-old Lea Michele worshippers swarmed the actress.


{Lea Michele is hiding in the red skirt}

It was interesting to see the filming process, but I was not about to risk losing an arm for a photo of Rachel Berry. Teeny-boppers shrieking and crying was a little too much to handle. Seeing the Olsen twins is a completely different story.

Have you ever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge?

Do you watch Glee? I watched the first season, but I never kept up with the show.


10 thoughts on “From Brooklyn to Lea Michele

  1. Now that you’ve done the Brooklyn Bridge, I think the Golden Gate is next! 🙂 I am not even ashamed to say I LOVE GLEE – and I love that even though she’s supposedly this frumpy high school student, she still wears almost all Milly and DVF on the show. 🙂 I love it!

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