My Store Launch!

I love online shopping, but I find it to be overwhelming when I’m not searching for a particular item. I’m guilty of spending an hour on a website, adding several things to my shopping cart, then never actually purchasing them. Even though I generally shop by myself and hardly ever try anything on in a store, I like being able to get feedback from an in-store stylist. Reversely, I like giving my opinion to a hesitant shopper—especially if a favorite product of mine is being considered. If you’re standing next to me at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter in Nordstrom, I can guarantee that I will tell you how much I love the shimmer bricks.


When StyleOwner invited me to create my own storefront, I was beyond thrilled. StyleOwner is a social commerce site that allows users to present and share their favorite products with friends and family. The site offers a personalized shopping experience to shoppers—it’s like shopping with your best friend beside you! I’ve hand-picked everything from my must-have beauty products to swoon-worthy high heels (many of which I need to add to my own shoe collection). My StyleOwner storefront is officially launching today, so be sure to check out my favorite picks and do a little shopping!


Disclaimer: I receive a small commission based off of total StyleOwner sales.


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