Dire Need for Pastels

When I received The Cambridge Satchel Company’s press release about their limited-edition satchel in pastel colors, I immediately placed an order. Well, I tried to at least. My credit card wouldn’t let me authorize the purchase from England, so I had to convince my sister over Gchat that I had to have the bag. While she has a good sense of style and is up-to-date on trends, she didn’t understand my dire need for the satchel. Then again, she did also tell me to wear orthopedic shoes during Fashion Week for the sake of being comfortable. Comfort is not a Fashion Week element.

cambridge 3

Once I got the go-ahead to order the bag (let’s be serious, if she had said no, I would have moved on to another sister’s credit card), I debated between colors but ultimately chose the duck-egg blue one. A hefty shipping fee later—I assume, but I don’t really know considering it was in British pounds—and it’s now in my possession. It arrived within a few days of my order date (much sooner than its estimated 30-day shipping window) and I absolutely love it.


The company also released a fluorescent line back in September, but I held off on purchasing a neon pink bag. I can’t resist pastels, though!

Pastels or neons? When it comes to trendy items, I might choose neons, but I almost always go with pastel colors.


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