Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami

Having previously volunteered for Fashion Week in New York City, I generally knew what to expect for the swimwear shows. Compared to the tents in New York, the venues in Miami were largely scaled down and accommodated just over one thousand guests. Natalie and I were the only volunteers from our team working inside of the venues, which actually helped things run smoothly. There are certain facial expressions that I can make that only my sister would understand—I often gave her the watch-out-there’s-a-crazy-person-trying-to-get-a-front-row-seat look.


The majority of the shows were being held at the iconic Raleigh Hotel in South Beach. When the sun was blazing down, the hair was frizzing out, and the makeup melting off, it was hard not to jump into the pool for a quick swim.








For more photos from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami, check out my Facebook page (and like it while you are there!).


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