Crashing the Her Campus Conference

I was originally planning on spending this past weekend in the Hamptons, but I made a last-minute decision to stay in the city. Working as a social media intern requires me to be tweeting, Facebooking, and Instragramming constantly, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve become obsessed. While going through my regular routine of checking all social media platforms before bed, I came across a tweet announcing that Her Campus was holding its first ever Intercollegiette conference on Saturday.

With the event a mere six hours away, I decided to attend the conference—partly because it was 1am and I was delusional, and partly because I didn’t have any plans for the day. My roommate thought that I was insane as I leaped out of bed (after already saying goodnight and stumbling into my room with half-closed eyes), and exclaimed that I needed to use her printer to print copies of my resume.

Completely ignoring the fact that registration was closed, I showed up at the event anyway. Miraculously, I was invited to stay despite the fact that I have absolutely no affiliation with Her Campus. I was convinced that the publication didn’t even exist at Towson University, but turns out we do have a chapter on campus (which is a relief considering I wanted to start it but was a bit hesitant). Along with Alex, the campus correspondent at Towson, I also met several other girls from campuses all around the United States.


The day was divided into different workshops that you could choose from based on your preferences. The first and most relevant workshop that I attended was about fashion blogging—the panel included Megs of PurseBlog, Danielle of We Wore What, and Gala of Gala Darling. It’s always interesting to hear why and how people began their blogs because everyone has such a different back-story. The second panel consisted of six female entrepreneurs, all of whom were highly encouraging yet completely honest about their experiences.


I went to a third workshop about social media before breaking for lunch. While the other girls rushed to line up for their Chipotle burritos, I stood at the end of the line thinking Shit! I’m effing starving but can’t have a repeat of this incident. I’ve already been singled out as a Her Campus fraud—if I pass out from eating a damn burrito I’ll be mortified. Who the hell faints from eating Mexican food anyway?

When I inevitably reached the front of the line, I tried to quietly explain my issue to the catering staff. Giving the trend of my allergic reactions, we determined that I may have a soy intolerance, which is great because Chipotle cooks everything in soybean oil. So, a container of guacamole it was.



The catering staff was also  able to put together a huge plate of fruit for me which was so kind of them. On the plus side, I didn’t drop to the ground in the middle of Ann Shoket’s, Seventeen magazine’s editor-in-chief, keynote speech. Girls sat on the edge of their seats, hanging on to every word out of Ann’s mouth and pleading for a chance to be noticed. While I personally don’t have a life-or-death desire to become the next queen of the magazine industry, I did think that Ann’s tips were invaluable. Ultimately, the takeaway was that you should make yourself indispensable and strive to be unique in what you do—not create a life goal to become someone else.


After a few more workshops and raffle drawings (I won a pair of earrings and received an amazing gift bag!), the girls in attendance were invited to an after-party at the nearby Juicy Couture. Though the promotional discount that we were offered was enticing, I decided to snack on macarons rather than shop (justifiable considering I ate chips for lunch).





Overall, it was an incredible event from start to finish. I’m so glad that I stayed in the city, especially because it would have been a rainy beach day!

What did you do over the weekend? Did any particular event exceed your expectations?


6 thoughts on “Crashing the Her Campus Conference

  1. That is awesome that a spur of the moment decision turned out so well for you! ….Glad you didn’t pass out with the whole soybean oil thing- the fruit would have made me a super happy camper- looks delicious!
    My weekend- gosh, I know I was productive but I hardly remember it- is that bad?! I can’t keep my brain functioning these days…. Oh yah, I did go to the brother in law’s engagement/graduation party!

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