New York City: Week One

Last Sunday, I loaded my car with the essentials—protein powder, candy, sky-high Tory Burch wedges, flowy dresses, and everything else that I thought I “just might need” in the city. Four hours later, I was unpacking my belongings in the midst of the New York City heat and shoving my entire wardrobe into a tiny closet. Needless to say, I was sad to say goodbye to my walk-in closet for the summer. Naturally, I chose to move when the championship soccer game was being played, so instead of assisting me in getting situated, my dad and brother cheered on Spain while sitting in front of the television.


I began my internship at Jill Stuart on Monday and I absolutely love it. I’m handling all of their social media accounts (follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like our Facebook page!) which is a fun job, though a bit daunting at first. I really like everyone that I am working with, including the other interns. Andrea and I were even matching one day!


On Tuesday, I took a long lunch break so that I could go to an interview. I was thrilled to have been offered the nanny position later that day. When applying for nanny jobs, I was a bit apprehensive and was worried that my experience could become material for the Nanny Diaries sequel. Luckily, I adore the family and am so excited to have found such a great job.

In addition to having off for the Fourth of July, I also managed to get off on Thursday and Friday. Early Wednesday morning, I took a train to the Hamptons and spent the holiday by the beach. I had only been in the city for three days, but come Wednesday, I was ready for a relief from stress.


Between having to commute two hours on the grimy subway and not having access to a working stove or oven, I’ve made the decision to move again. While I’m trying to enjoy my time here to its fullest, I can’t do that until I find a place that can act as my home. The Craigslist webpage is refreshed about 75 times a day on my phone, and my free time has been spent looking at potential apartments.

I arrived back into the city late Friday night and my traveling experience confirmed my hatred for public transportation. With a 40lb duffle bag slung over my shoulder and a stuffed-to-the-brim handbag cutting off the circulation in my arm, I trekked up and down the streets trying to find the correct subway entrance.

photo (1)

Now knowing never to take directional advice from a 13 year old, I ended up on the wrong side of the platform.

I walked back out onto the street and re-entered at the correct entrance, only to find that my MetroCard had been locked out for twenty minutes. Likely thinking that I was homeless due to the frizzy state of my hair and the bedraggled look on my face, a young girl opened the emergency exit door for me so that I wouldn’t have to wait any longer. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not cut out for the NYC transit system.

Saturday included lounging on my friend’s rooftop deck in hopes of soaking up some sun and meeting up in the Lower East Side with Baltimore friends.


As for today? Lounging in bed watching True Blood with my friend Allie, brunch at Financier Patisserie, and finding an awesome apartment (which just so happens to be home to a certain male Gossip Girl character) sums up my Sunday.

photo (1)

How did you celebrate the Fourth of July?

I had an incredible view of fireworks from eight different towns—it was unbelievable!


16 thoughts on “New York City: Week One

  1. I was no good at public transportation while in the city- however I learned to rock it while driving on LI- I’d rather have my own car……How amazing about liking the family you are nannying for! That is priceless…. My fourth was really low key- because the husband unexpectedly got his wisdom teeth out the day before. 😦 No Hampton like fun around these parts!

  2. Gossip girl character??? You didn’t tell me that. What are you eating it that picture? It looks yummy!! Hows the heat been treating ya? It was literally 100 degrees every day last week– absolutely brutal.

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