I’m Moving to New York City!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had an interview in New York City, but didn’t want to say much for confidentiality reasons. I was offered the position and am moving to the city to work as the social media intern for Jill Stuart! I am so excited for the amazing opportunity that lies ahead, though I am freaking out as I have to find a place to live within a week. My life has been consumed by stalking the ads on Craigslist, notifying my current employers, and catching up with high school friends. I’ll breathe a sigh of relief once I have a roof over my head (and preferably not a cardboard box that is stationed in the East Village). In middle school, one of my best guy friends joked that one day I would be in New York City rolling a clothing rack down the streets. Who knew he would be right?

Speaking of clothes, a reader had asked me on Twitter to put together a blog post with some of my recent J.Crew purchases. I wasn’t able to find all of it online, but here are a few of the pieces that I picked up.

Factory long-sleeve maritime boatneck tee Factory stripe pocket henley tank Factory Antibes skirt Factory perfect shirt in suckered ginghamFactory bell skirt in cotton Factory 3'' chino short

1. Long-Sleeve Maritime Boatneck Tee, $44.50

2. Stripe Pocket Henley Tank, $19.99

3. Perfect Shirt, $39.50

4. Bell Skirt, $29.50

5. 3” Chino Shorts, $26.50

6. Antibes Skirt, $24.50

I was also able to find some great jewelry, a white linen button-down, and an amazing skirt. Unfortunately, the skirt isn’t available online, but it still might be in stock in stores since it was a new arrival.

Have you ever lived in New York City before?

Any new purchases for the summer time?


21 thoughts on “I’m Moving to New York City!

  1. Woop-Woop! That is super exciting! …except the needing to find a place to live so soon. bummer. I hope you find a good place soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! 🙂
    I lived on Long Island- about 15 miles outside the city. The city is a wonderful place, but you already know that! ENJOY!

  2. First of all, awesome finds at J. Crew!

    Secondly–WOHOO on NYC! That is SO exciting! You are totally living the life! You are going to be the next Rachel Zoe! 🙂 Good luck with the move!


    I never lived in New York, but I spent two weeks there one summer for dance. It was so nice … but it was also back in the day … like back in the day where my parents helped fund such adventure 😉

    I absolutely love your JCrew finds! And my two big purchases this summer were two Rebecca Taylor pieces. I’m in love with them both and wore the romper to my high school reunion this past weekend.

    • Hahaha–trust me, I know all about having fun adventures while my parents are paying the bills! Unfortunately, it’s the real world now!

      I love Rebecca Taylor! There’s currently a sale going on at her stores and I am hoping to find a few pieces.

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  5. I have that Henley tank in pink, the chinos in (no joke) every color, although the mint is my fav, and the same bell skirt. Twins? Haha congrats again, girl! You deserve it! Can’t wait to meet up in the Big Apple 🙂

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