Stranded With Only J.Crew Bags

I had several errands to run on Friday, including taking my car to the dealership and going to the MVA to get my big girl license. The dealership opened at 7:30am and the MVA opened at 8:30am, so I figured that I would take my car to be serviced as soon as they opened to avoid crowds. After checking through the computer system on my car, my service advisor discovered that I needed an oil change, among several other things. Because some repairs—like getting a new brake light—were crucial, I decided to leave my car at the dealership so that everything could be fixed at once.

I chose not to get a loaner car since I wasn’t expecting it to be there all day (a decision I now regret). Luckily, my dealership offers a car service, so I was driven back home after I dropped off my car. My car was still not ready by 4pm, but I was able to drive my dad’s car to the MVA. I didn’t have to wait in any lines and I now have my new license!


Knowing that the dealership was closing at 7pm, I had my dad drop me off a little before then to check on the status of my car. When I arrived, it was being washed and my service advisor felt so bad about the wait that I was able to leave as soon as it was ready, instead of meeting with him afterwards, like I normally would have needed to do. On the plus side, I didn’t have to pay anything, either!

Once I arrived back home, my family and I packed the car to head to Ocean City for the weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t able to come with us because she was helping my grandfather move. He has been living at a nearby Marriott hotel for the past six weeks and was finally able to get the keys on Saturday, so he wanted to move as soon as possible.

On Saturday, my siblings and I convinced my dad to take us to the outlets in Rehoboth Beach because the temperatures were only in the high-60s. Shopping is a must when it’s not ideal tanning weather! Our first stop was J.Crew, where we had a ridiculously long receipt.

A reader asked me to put together a post on my finds—I’ll do that hopefully by tomorrow!

We ventured to a few more stores, though we didn’t find much. More outlets were located across the street, but we had one small problem that didn’t allow us to get there: my dad left us stranded.

He needed to go to Lowe’s, so he dropped us off to shop while he did who knows what. We finished sooner than expected, and when we called him, he told us to simply walk across the street—the street being a HIGHWAY with no crosswalk. Rather than risking our lives for the sake of getting new workout gear at Under Armour, my siblings and I sat outside of a random Applebee’s until my dad came to our rescue.


We stopped in a few stores, then drove a little farther north to go to the designer outlets. We all found the selections at Kate Spade and Michael Kors to be limited, but we did find a new TV at the Sony store.


When we were back in Ocean City, we ate dinner and relaxed for a bit before heading back out again. Natalie, Ali, and I got dessert at Haha’s, a frozen yogurt shop in Fenwick Island (my favorite!).

The three of us then drove to downtown Ocean City to meet up with Lauren, one of our friends from home who is living at the beach for the summer. We didn’t stay out late as we were all exhausted from a long day.

For a Father’s Day treat, I picked up gourmet doughnuts from a small spot that bakes them fresh every morning. It was our first time trying them, and they were delicious. I am a doughnut snob—they can’t be too dry and have to be fresh—so I was glad that these fit my requirements.


I love going to my beach house for a quick weekend trip because I view it as my home away from home, meaning that I can enjoy a few splurges, but don’t completely abandon my normal diet and fitness routine.

In the afternoon, we did some grocery shopping and ate crabs, then left to head back home to Baltimore. Even though we didn’t make it on the beach, it was still a fun weekend!

What did you do over the weekend?

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?


11 thoughts on “Stranded With Only J.Crew Bags

  1. New license- awesome! In Kansas we get a piece of paper for three’ish weeks while they make our official license.
    Ooo, risking your life for some Under Armour gear; I’d think about it 😉 Was it reduced price? I would have been all over that! …Those donuts look stellar! I’m glad that they met your expectations— looks like a good weekend all around!

  2. I LOVE the picture of y’all with your JCrew bags! 🙂 I would love to do some SERIOUS damage at JCrew. I am actually planning a trip to their warehouse store in VA–I am soooo excited!

    Those doughnuts look amazing. It sounds like you all had a perfect weekend!

  3. Hi- found you through fitfluential ambassadors- love your blog…we have the same b-day, except I was born in 87! 🙂

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