A Maryvale Reunion for Birthday Cake Shots

I attended a small, private high school, so when I heard that Maryvale’s headmistress of 35 years was retiring, I knew that I wanted to be present at the liturgy honoring her on Sunday. My mom and I went to the afternoon service, which was then followed by a reception in the school’s castle (yes, my high school has a castle).

I saw many familiar faces and enjoyed catching up with those whom I had not seen in years. When I spotted a teacher from across the room and struggled to remember his name, I realized two things: it has been three years since graduation (read: holy shit, I’m getting old), and I am so glad that I never have to sit through another one of Mr. Knox’s religion classes and run the risk of getting kicked out for being humorous (though some may wrongly label it as disruptive).

Between the awkward run-ins with faculty members, the gossip session with old classmates, and the copious amount of food, I felt like I was back in high school. After leaving the liturgy, I went to The Manor Tavern, a restaurant and bar, to celebrate my friend Emily’s 21st birthday.

Emily’s parents organized the dinner as a surprise for her, so it was fun to spend time with her family before her actual birthday. For dessert, we had cupcakes from Charm City Cakes, which were delicious. Somehow, the leftovers were forced upon me, though I’m not actually complaining about that.

I immediately shared them with my siblings to avoid “taste-testing” the entire dozen (finger-swiping of the icing is a completely different story).

For Emily’s actual birthday, which was yesterday, we planned to start out with drinks at Bahama Breeze so that we could walk to the nearby bars afterwards. Natalie and I picked up Taylor, Natalie’s boyfriend, then met up with the rest of the group in Towson.

photo (15)

I stuck with a Blue Moon, but we all insisted that Emily start her night off properly with a festive drink. The bartender made her a birthday cake shot, which admittedly didn’t sound too appealing.

photo (12)

We eventually made our way to The Rec Room, an indoor/outdoor bar, where we met up with the entire 18- to 24-year-old Baltimore County demographic.

photo (14)

With two-for-one drink specials and a drinking partner with similar tastes in beer as me, it was bound to be a fun night spent with old high school friends.

karen and colleen

Whenever my blog becomes a topic of discussion, my friends always admit that they secretly hope to be featured—or rather, admit to only hanging out with me in hopes of being blog content (ahem, Molly).

I think they were empty threats, but just for security, I should mention that I loved getting to see Morgan, Kallie, Jordan, and Karen and reminiscing about the past.

When was the last time that you saw high school friends?


5 thoughts on “A Maryvale Reunion for Birthday Cake Shots

  1. Awww how fun!!! My high school was TINY so its always fun to go back and visit! (We didn’t have a castle though, haha)

    I LOVE your outfit in that first picture. It’s like you walked right out of a catalog! 🙂

  2. What fun!!! I’m so jealous that you got to spend time with highschool friends- I haven’t gotten to do that since my best friend’s wedding- about 3 years ago, gosh time gets away from a person!
    That is too funny about your friends and the blog! 🙂 Hello Colleen’s friends!

  3. Are you from Maryland? We used to play a school called Maryvale in field hockey when I was in high school! And I assume maybe since the charm city cakes, baltimore. I actually went to college in Baltimore!

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