Brunching, Boating, and Boozing

I just received overwhelming and stressful news, so I’m hoping that looking back on my trip to Bermuda will help cheer me up (the premiere of The Bachelorette will help, too). The entire weekend was a blast, but I was really looking forward to Sunday, when the bride and groom had planned a brunch followed by a boat ride. It’s no secret that I love breakfast foods, so I was excited that brunch was being held at the adorable Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont Southampton.


We sat outside while enjoying the expansive array of fresh fruit, warm waffles, muffins, sausage, and cereal.


Everyone was anxiously awaiting Courtney and Jeremy’s arrival—they were beaming!


Since the weather was gorgeous and we had a few hours to kill in between the brunch and the boat ride, we decided to stay at the Southampton. Jamie’s family laughed at me for getting a plate with strictly pastries and muffins only, but that’s the best way to go.



In the early afternoon, we docked a massive boat (it fit nearly 100 people!) and grabbed drinks as soon as we were on board.


The captain took us to the site of a shipwreck as he explained some of Bermuda’s history with us. It was really cool to see so close up!


Eventually, we anchored and guests were able to go snorkeling. The water was way too cold for me, so I stayed on the boat with Jamie’s mom while the rest of the group went for a swim.

After a day out on the water, Jamie, Val and I met up with some of her cousins for dinner. We originally planned to go to The Lighthouse, a quaint Italian restaurant, but somehow managed to end up at The Swizzle instead.


Yes, we went there three times. Yes, we had the same server all three nights. Most of us were leaving the following day, meaning that bottles of alcohol needed to be finished. We laughed, played games, and drank. That’s how you end up with pictures like these.


I had such a fun time in Bermuda and was so sad to leave! Thanks for inviting me, Jamie!

Have you ever gone snorkeling? Water activities don’t really interest me, but I would like to try it some day!


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