Goin’ to the chapel and we’re…

…gonna get married…


On Saturday, the day of the wedding in Bermuda, Jamie, Val, and I started the morning off with a delicious breakfast. My presence apparently channeled the inner domestic diva in Val as she made me an egg sandwich with a side of sliced strawberries—still donning her dress from the night before, no less. Val, Jamie, and I spent a few hours lounging by the pool while their parents played a round of golf at the resort’s golf course.

In the early afternoon, after showering and freaking out over wardrobe malfunctions (ahem…Jamie), we took a short taxi ride to St. Michael’s, a Catholic church on the island.


I loved the quaint church; between the exposed wooden beams in the ceiling and the elegant floral arrangements, it was beautiful. Of course the bride, Courtney, looked absolutely stunning in her lace gown.


After the ceremony, we celebrated with champagne in the parking lot as we watched the newly married couple drive off in a white BMW convertible. All of the guests were then taken to the reception in trolleys!


As we were driving through the island, we blew bubbles while locals waved and honked at us. The ride was so much fun…until our trolley got stuck trying to go up a hill.


Everyone jumped off (literally!) when the trolley started sliding backwards, nearly hitting the trolley that was trailing us. We all began walking since we were relatively close to the reception, but the driver was able to get up the hill, so most of us got back in. I wasn’t trying to hike up a hill in seven-inch heels.

The reception was held at Tucker’s Point Beach Club, which was incredible. Despite a short downpour late in the evening, we were outside the entire night, taking in amazing views of the water.


We grabbed cocktails right away, and then found our table.



I was surprised to find that I even had a place card considering I did attend on such short notice.


We hadn’t eaten much since breakfast, so our table enjoyed appetizers before taking photos. Everyone at the table panicked when I nearly ate a fish skewer (I’m highly allergic)—I mistakenly picked up tilapia instead of chicken—but luckily, one of Jamie’s cousins pointed it out to me once she realized what happened. That would have been awful, yet so typical.




Shortly after, salads were served while a few speeches were given.


The “man” of honor had me laughing so hard that choking on my dinner roll was a serious concern. The bride’s brother was appointed the man of honor and he brought hilarity to the situation. By the end of his speech, he pulled a wig out of his jacket pocket and came to terms with the fact that he was given a female’s job.


Once we were sufficiently full from a filling dinner, we danced for several hours to help make room for cake.


Jamie’s family and I were getting ready to leave just as more food was brought out. I was uncomfortably full by this point, but how can you pass up mini-sized foods? I couldn’t. The grilled cheese sandwiches were so good!


The drinks were flowing, the music was beating, and the feet were hurting—it was the perfect night. Congratulations, Courtney and Jeremy!

One more Bermuda recap is coming…

Any funny memories from your wedding or a wedding that you have attended?

Favorite cake flavor? One layer of Courtney and Jeremy’s cake was red velvet, and the other was carrot. Mmm!


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