No Visible Underwear

After spending the afternoon in Hamilton, we went back to the resort to get ready for the welcome dinner.



The location of the BBQ actually changed at the last minute due to unforeseeable circumstances, but the back-up spot was absolutely stunning.


{Thanks for the pictures, Jamie, though this shot is my favorite. ;)}

It was held at Coconuts, an outdoor restaurant at The Reefs Hotel & Club in Southampton, which sat on top of cliffs and overlooked the azure water.


We arrived just as the sun was beginning to set, giving us an amazing view.


The majority of Jamie’s relatives were staying at a different resort on the island, so this was the first time that we saw them (with the exception of briefly seeing a few of them as we frantically rushed through security at the airport).


I was feeling a bit nauseous when we first arrived at Coconuts and was worried that I would be sick all night. Luckily, a few glasses of water along with a filling dinner assuaged the uneasiness.


Since I wasn’t feeling well initially, I kept the alcohol to a minimum and only had two glasses of Pinot Grigio throughout the dinner. However, that quickly changed once a large group of us decided to get drinks afterwards. For the second night in a row, we went to The Swizzle, a famous Bermudian pub and restaurant.


The island is known for its Swizzle concoction—a mixture of rum, pineapple, and orange juice—so several rounds of the fruity cocktail were ordered.


At one point, we were laughing so hard that we were crying as we played a game in which you can’t show your teeth while talking. As the phrase goes, we swizzled in, and swaggered out.


We also saw this sign noting that visible underwear is prohibited at the pub.

While I run the risk of never being invited to another family function again, I will say that the night ended with a rubber ducky in someone’s pants pocket, unbeknownst to them. Jamie’s cousin is hilarious and loves to play practical jokes, making for an entertaining evening.


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