Neon Pink Jimmy Choos

The island of Bermuda is only 22 miles long, but it is divided into small towns, known as parishes. Since it was overcast on Friday morning, we decided that it would be a good day to visit Bermuda’s capital, Hamilton. The wedding events were being held in different parishes all over the island, but none were being held in Hamilton. The town is a major tourist attraction—boasting unique shopping, delicious restaurants, and plenty of nightlife—and I didn’t want to leave the island without exploring it myself.

We had a limited amount of time to sightsee because the bride and groom were hosting a welcome dinner early that evening, so I researched the town a bit beforehand. I instructed the taxi driver to drop us off at the end of Front Street, where a string of colorful shops line the water.


Jamie, Val, and I were lured into the stores that carried recognizable brands (I died when I came across neon pink Jimmy Choos because they would not be a purchase that I could rationalize), but also had fun wandering down alleyways full of boutiques and vendors.

I loved the antique pieces that we spotted and the hidden artwork that was displayed on the exterior of buildings.




We wanted to grab a quick bite to eat, so we asked a local for recommendations. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very helpful and we actually found a place on our own. We passed a random sign for a restaurant as we were walking along Front Street, and chose to eat there once we found it inside of a nearby mall. We weren’t sure what to expect as it had everything on the menu from sushi to pancakes, but it ended up being delicious.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I was ecstatic to discover that I could order eggs and French toast at 2pm.


The three of us also ordered milkshakes, and Val’s frappuccino was—dare I say—better than Starbucks (I know, that’s practically blasphemy).


After lunch, we ventured into a multi-level store that was very similar to Greetings and Readings, but also had a large selection of furniture and home decorations. In a rush, we searched around the store trying to locate a sweatshirt that I saw in the display window. Naturally, the only sizes in stock were larges and extra-larges, but we were able to pull the only smaller-sized sweatshirt off of a mannequin. I had to have a souvenir!

photo (4)

While Val waited in line, Jamie and I ran across the street to check out a park and to snap a few photos.



Had time allowed, we would have spent a few more hours in Hamilton, though the evening was pretty incredible, so I’m glad we were punctual for dinner!

What is your favorite meal of the day? If I could, I would eat breakfast three times a day!

Do you buy souvenirs when visiting a new place?


7 thoughts on “Neon Pink Jimmy Choos

  1. What a beautiful place. It would seem like a dream if I could walk around there for a day! …. I just love experiencing the city that I’m in- it’s my favorite part! 🙂 Buying souvenirs while taking a trip is tricky- I don’t want junk that just collects dust so I’m a fan of jewelry, clothing, or dishes/cups. THings I can use every day!

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