One Hell of a Study Break

Jetting off to Bermuda for the weekend makes one hell of a study break, but it also makes returning to reality much more difficult. Knowing that the four days on the island would be jam-packed with events, I didn’t take my laptop and decided that I would blog when I returned home. Jamie was the designated photographer of the trip and my camera died unexpectedly fast, so I’ll also have to weed through her 800+ photos when she’s back. 

Jamie’s family picked me up early on Thursday to make it to the airport on time for our morning flight. The plane was relatively empty, so I was able to sit in the back and study without being interrupted or distracted. Jamie’s mom gave me a gift bag full of plane necessities and snacks that tided me over during the two-hour flight. While I really wanted to read my magazines, I forced myself to do practice problems since it was unlikely that I would open my textbooks over the weekend.

We landed in Bermuda around 2:30pm and were hungry once we arrived, so Val, Jamie’s sister, suggested that we get lunch at the resort’s restaurant. We shared a few dishes among the three of us while enjoying the amazing view. 

photo (1)

While we were unpacking and getting settled at the hotel, tote bags from the bride and groom were delivered to us. They were filled with everything from sunscreen to Advil (which was definitely needed the morning after the wedding reception!).

photo (2) 

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent relaxing, exploring the resort, and dining at a nearby pub which quickly became our local spot. 

How was your weekend?


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