Business Meeting Blue

In the early afternoon on Sunday, my sister Natalie and I headed downtown for a business meeting. We’re in the process of launching a company, so we were discussing the upcoming project with a graphic designer. Since we were meeting at Panera, I wanted to wear something casual while still looking put-together.

My chambray J.Crew button-down is easily one of the most comfortable shirts that I own. I love that I can dress it up or down; it can be worn with a pencil skirt to the office, or with colorful shorts to a weekend brunch. I was gravitating towards the color blue yesterday, and rather than pairing the chambray shirt with pastel pants, I decided to follow the denim on denim trend (though chambray is actually a little different from denim).

Chambray Button-Down: J.Crew

Jeans: American Eagle

The key to mixing denims is to wear a lighter wash on top. I like to add a wrist full of bracelets and a chunky watch (my mom borrowed one of my watches and I completely forgot to get it back, so I subsequently continued to check a bare wrist all afternoon) to make the look more feminine.

As always, I toted around an over-sized handbag that houses everything from my iPad to juiceboxes and snacks for the kids that I babysit. Going along with the blue theme, I chose my new baby blue Michael Kors bag.

Handbag: Michael Kors

Thin Bangles: J.Crew

Pave Chain Link Bracelet: J.Crew

Green and Gold Bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft


6 thoughts on “Business Meeting Blue

  1. I have the SAME chambray J. Crew button-down and have worn it so much that it has seen a needle and thread more than I would like to admit! Such an adorable outfit! Cannot wait to hear more about the company launch. You hiring? 🙂 But seriously…

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