I’m Crashing A Wedding

Two weeks ago, after talking to my friend Jamie about her upcoming trip to Bermuda, I decided that I was going to go along with her. As soon as I determined that it would work logistically with my schedule, I booked a ticket on a plane to the island. There was only one catch–I would be returning the day before my final exams.

Any normal, level-headed person would realize that vacationing days before a calculus exam would be insane (especially when failing said class is a strong possibility), but it just made me want to go on the trip that much more. Once I get an idea in my head, there’s no turning back.

I’ve dedicated my weekends to studying at the library, have spent my lunch breaks memorizing the integral of trig functions, and have replaced trashy reality television with lectures on YouTube. Fuel has been in the form of candy and outfits have become comfy-casual, aka lazy.

A life outside of class, interning, and nannying does not exist right now. The closest I’ve gotten to a social function is attending a math competition (so nerdy, I know…), though I did place second!

Then again, a trip to Bermuda in exchange for a few Friday nights spent calculating derivatives is undoubtedly worth it.

Technically, Jamie’s sole purpose of the vacation is to attend her cousin’s wedding. And technically, I’m crashing the wedding. Not so much à la Wedding Crashers, but somewhere along the lines of wanting to be on a beach and wanting to attend my first wedding. With only one week until the event, I panicked when I realized that my closet was lacking beach wedding attire. Well, that’s not entirely true–I partially just wanted to go shopping.

In high school, retail therapy became a habit after a stressful test or a ten-page essay. When can’t a fabulous pair of shoes make you forget about anatomy and physiology? Despite feeling confident about the test that I took today, a shopping spree at the mall was still in order.

I was rifling through racks of dresses when a pair of wedges caught my eye. I couldn’t decide if I should buy them, so I turned to social media for help.

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, the vote was unanimous. I had to have them.

I did also find a few cute options for the wedding, which will likely be stuffed into a suitcase and decided on the day of in Bermuda.

I’m off to watch the newest episode of Revenge before nonstop studying for my impending final resumes tomorrow!

P.S. On an unrelated, but extremely important note, a friend from high school, Megan, is participating in the 39-mile Avon Walk for breast cancer. To be eligible for the walk, she has to reach her goal of $1,800, but can’t do it without some support. It would mean so much to the both of us if you would consider making a small donation (even as little as $2 is helpful!). To donate, please visit this page. Thank you!

Are you a retail therapy shopper?

Any great recent purchases?


12 thoughts on “I’m Crashing A Wedding

  1. You are going to have the best time! How could you not?! You’ll have a fresh mind for the test and that is always helpful. Congrats on getting 2nd in the math competition- I would have been laughed out of the building!
    I would be a retail therapy shopper if I lived even 1/2 way close to a store of any kind. Even the 3.5 hour drive only takes me to a lame mall—– I have to drive to Kansas City or Denver for decent shopping— over a 6 hour drive just for some shopping. I’ll pass…. ONLINE! Heck to the yes!

  2. Really jealous……….. !!!

    I thought we weren’t telling people about the math competition… embarrassing. haha

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