Snakes on a Hike

On days when I want to skip the gym but still want an effective workout, I’m grateful that I have a nearby park with challenging hiking trails (and temperatures in the 80s on a weekend in April).

The park has a massive hill which is often used for extreme sledding during the winter months. During the spring and summer seasons, people are either panting up to the top, or flailing as they carefully run down to the bottom.

To start off our workout, Alison, Brian, and I attempted to run up the hill, but it quickly became difficult. While Brian came out on top (literally), Ali and I were only able to run about 3/4 of it. We were happy to see that the beginning portion of the trail was downhill, though rocky.

We took a different route than usual, so we stopped when we came across a stream that we hadn’t seen before.

Growing up, we lived in a house that had a stream in the backyard. Along with other kids in the neighborhood, my siblings and I would often spend our afternoons jumping from rock to rock and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as our toes dangled in the water. Being much older now, I’m not as adventurous, especially when it comes to slippery rocks and creatures in the water (we did see a snake slither by–ew!).

Brian and Ali, however, didn’t hesitate to climb over logs and jump through mud patches while I remained on the trail.

Sure enough, as we traveled a little bit farther down the trail, we came across two areas that required us to trek through a stream. I suggested turning around. That idea was vetoed. Miraculously, I didn’t get drenched or eaten by a snake.

After two hours of hiking, we completed six miles, and only got lost once. Considering I was once trapped in the woods by myself at the crack of dawn without a cellphone (so stupid, I know), it was an achievement.

How do you stay active when you don’t feel like working out at the gym?

Highlight of the weekend?


6 thoughts on “Snakes on a Hike

  1. Fun! When I don’t feel like going to the gym (which is usually on weekends when I don’t feel like leaving my house, period), I whip out a yoga routine in my living room. I’ve been doing this more lately … and I get bonus points because I can do it in my PJs 🙂

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