Mimosas and Macaroons

My family and I opted to avoid the crowds a bit, so we decided to attend the latest Easter church service this morning.

We arrived home just before 1pm and after arranging a few last-minute dishes, we had an expansive brunch array. Along with a vegetable frittata that I made, we also had a crab casserole, deviled eggs, fruit salad, and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

I had been saving a bottle of Moet champagne for a special occasion, so I thought Easter brunch was the perfect opportunity to pop it open. Mimosas are practically a brunch requirement, anyway. We were able to enjoy our meal outside on our deck since the weather was gorgeous this afternoon.

While my siblings and I were at church with our mom, our dad hid the Easter eggs in our yard. Once we finished cleaning up the kitchen and changed into more comfortable clothes, we all set out to find the 50 Easter eggs that were hidden among three acres of land. Unsurprisingly, we weren’t able to find all of them initially. My siblings and I expected to be finished quickly, but after 30 minutes of incessant searching, we resorted to asking my dad for help.

We found all but two of them; hopefully they’ll turn up soon…or hopefully my dad will remember where he hid all of them. Along with dessert–monkey bread, cupcakes, and coconut macaroons–plenty of candy was eaten today. The Easter bunny knows our favorites!

I’m so grateful for a wonderful holiday spent with my family!

Did you celebrate Easter today? How was your holiday?

Best eat of the day? 


7 thoughts on “Mimosas and Macaroons

  1. You’re family is so cute! It looks like you all had a fantastic Easter & I love that your dad hid eggs for you!

    I think my favorite thing I ate today was a carrot salad that my Aunt made. I want to get the recipe so I can make it myself & share the recipe!

  2. Y’all look so pretty! I LOVE your shirt–so spring-y! Also, those macaroons look insane–so festive and yummy! I love coconut! Our Easter was pretty lame since we were apart from our family–holidays just aren’t right when you are not at home! Our “Easter dinner” was comprised of burgers and sweet potato fries–a bit unconventional.

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