Nipple Clamp

In the early evening last night, I met my friend Molly at a nearby trail to exercise and catch up with one another. We laughed the entire four miles, making the time pass by quickly, though I could have done without the bug bites.

My mom, Jen, and I made plans to go to Magooby’s, a local comedy club, so Jen came over for dinner beforehand. We had plenty of time to enjoy a nice family dinner (my mom made homemade crabcakes that were delicious) since the show wasn’t beginning until 10:30pm.


We’ve been to the joke house a few times before and we somehow always manage to be seated in the same spot—right in front of the stage. I’m fine with sitting in the front, as long as the comedian doesn’t single me out!

We ordered drinks once we were seated; my mom chose a specialty drink off of their menu named after dirty sex jokes, and Jen and I ordered beers. For some reason, the “Nipple Clamp” didn’t sound too appealing.


I really enjoyed two of the opening acts, but didn’t like the headliner’s style as much. He literally stumbled onto the stage—beer in hand—and began his act as if he was belligerently drunk. It was a bit off-putting as we couldn’t understand a thing he was saying and he didn’t seem to be interested in performing. Luckily, it was actually part of his act; he had me completely fooled!

Carl Labove has an impressive background in comedy, but even so, I would have preferred a much clearer and fast-paced delivery. Many of his jokes didn’t read well with the audience, though his animations were dead-on. As he was walking off the stage, he walked past me and whispered in my ear that “sometimes you have to fake it until the end.” He clearly was relieved to be off the stage.

At the end of the night, there was a raffle for ten free tickets and my mom won. We would have been surprised, had she not won three times before! She has some seriously good luck.

How are you spending your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Nipple Clamp

  1. Sounds like a fun night! I’m spending my night on my couch with my husband and a bottle of wine! We went to a fundraiser last night and I had a bridal shower today so I’m ready to relax!! 🙂

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