A Peek Into My Bedroom

I’m still on a hunt for the perfect dresser for my space, but my bedroom is quickly coming together. After I finished babysitting last night, I went to Marshalls since I was nearby and needed some decorative pieces. I found these three great canvas paintings—I love the simplicity and elegance of the Couture cover prints.


I bought this gorgeous duvet cover from Anthropologie over a year ago; I was so excited to finally be able to use it, even if getting the down comforter inside of the duvet was a 30-minute process. Sleeping in my own bed in my own room for the first time in fifteen months was glorious (clearly this remodeling process was dragged out far too long).


I’m obsessed with this mirror that is both functional and decorative. I love the distressed finish, the shape, and the combination of colors. I just need to figure out where I’m hanging it!


I snagged this chair from my sister just to have as a place holder, but I’m starting to think that it may earn a permanent spot in my room. The velour fabric adds to the variety of textures and lilac seems to be a recurring hue in my space.


I don’t like my headboard—a DIY project may be in order—but I hope to complete my room by this weekend so that I can share a complete view of the remodel.


28 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Bedroom

  1. Do you remember where Jen bought that mirror? I want one for my apartment.

    I think I like the Couture cover print on the left and the one with the dress the best.

  2. Huge fan of mercury glass G! Starting quite the collection in my house. Suggestion for dresser- check out the thrift store.. Bought an ugly old dresser for $20, all it needed was some love. Sanded it down, fresh coat of paint and distressed the edges to give us a new TV stand. It is very shabby chic you would approve 🙂

    • I love the mercury glass, too! And you read my mind! My sister is very into thrifting so we have been checking the thrift shops/Craigslist nonstop. I’ve found a few pieces, but nothing that is the right size. Hope you are doing well–miss ya G!

  3. OH my gosh. You should definitely permanently steal that chair. I love love it.

    And my sister has that duvet cover! It’s gorgeous, and goes so well with everything in your room. You’ve done such an incredible job putting it all together. You’re right, those prints are elegant, as is everything else.

    So jealous.

  4. That comforter is ADORABLE!. I am so impressed with all of your decorating accents. That mirror is wonderful and I adore the art work you just purchased. They look so classy. I cannot wait for the full review!

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