Gracie’s Coconut Cream Cake Batter Blondies

As much as I wanted to spend St. Patrick’s Day dressed as a leprechaun consuming anything and everything colored with green food-dye because it’s festive, I forced myself to be productive. A failing (and that’s putting it lightly) grade on my most recent calculus exam reminded me that I unfortunately have to spend the next few weekends prioritizing my to-do lists to make my weekdays a little less chaotic.

I babysat briefly in the morning, then came home and cleaned out my car. My passengers tend to be under four feet tall and don’t meet the airbag weight requirements, so they generally sit in the back seats—I never know what they’ll leave behind. Along with juicebox spills and cookie crumbs, I found some stray Yu-Gi-Oh cards, a pair of flats, three tennis rackets, and an accounting textbook.

Besides needing leather conditioner (what even is that?), per my sister’s boyfriend’s suggestion, I have a newly vacuumed and dusted car.


While I was in Fort Lauderdale, my dad finished the hardwood floors in my bedroom. After mopping them to remove the excess dust, the next step was to build my bed. I went to my fridge to grab a quick snack, saw an untouched carton of coconut milk, and decided that I no longer felt like assembling furniture.


Instead, I grabbed the ingredients from my pantry to make Gracie’s coconut cream cake batter blondies.


Wondering where I disappeared to, my dad yelled my name from upstairs as power tools roared in the background. I threw the ingredients into a bowl in under 30 seconds (I definitely didn’t follow the directions correctly) and hoped for the best.

The blondies baked while I hammered, and they turned out better than I expected. Oddly enough, the bed still isn’t assembled.

How did you spend St. Patrick’s Day?

Have you baked any desserts recently? Feel free to share the recipe!


11 thoughts on “Gracie’s Coconut Cream Cake Batter Blondies

  1. I actually tried to bake her Nutella cake batter blondies tonight, but it failed majorly. Maybe the altitude messed it up, but it wouldn’t firm up enough no matter what. I know they’re supposed to be gooey, but I literally couldn’t eat them because it was runny…sad day. Glad yours came out good!

  2. Those look delicious! I’m impressed. And baking is always what I’d rather be doing, when it comes to cleaning/organizing/building beds, haha

    It does remind me I need to organize my closet…. but I’ll probably just make more granola. 😉

  3. I spent St. Patrick’s Day downtown– it was a beautiful day to be outside in Baltimore. And when I got home that evening, all the blondies were practically done! I had like one bite!!

  4. those yu-gi-oh cards are precious lol … just kidding. Keep your chin up with the calc class – I suffered all the way through calc 4 in college and got by with the help of friends who worked with me through every single hw problem! Stuff is rough!

  5. These look amazing!! I have a tendency to procrasi-bake. I have been doing a lot of baking recently….Anything with coconut is a WIN in my book!

    We took our little brother to a St. Paddy’s day parade in the morning and then I worked the rest of the day–booooo! I did, however, wear green.

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