Inside Scoop on Courtney

For the past eleven weeks, tabloids, gossip columns, and celebrity news channels have dedicated their Tuesdays to covering everything related to The Bachelor–more specifically, the TV villain Courtney. In the sixth grade (at a way-too-young age and unbeknownst to my parents), I was captivated by the drama-fest and watched the show religiously. Locked away in my bedroom, pretending to be mastering my algebra homework, I tuned in as Alex handed out roses and girls cried to the camera.


Despite my dad’s accurate accusations that the show is frivolous and just plain stupid, I continued to watch season after season (and continued to argue that it was enriching). Once the sixteenth season premiered, I followed the storyline of Ben—or Francine, whichever you prefer—until I talked to an insider.

My sister’s roommate’s friend knows Courtney (got that?) and had the scoop after a few episodes. At the height of Courtney’s downfall, she told me that Courtney was devastated and was having trouble coping with the bad publicity. I fully believe that what goes around comes around, but at the same time, no one wants to be portrayed in such an unflattering way, whether it’s true or not. While producers can’t fake “reality,” they can exaggerate the truth; it’s to be expected in a show that thrives off of controversy.



Besides knowing who Ben proposed to early on, it made me take a step back and see the big picture. At a young age, I was taught to treat others the way that I want to be treated. Over the years, I’ve certainly dealt with situations that have challenged my ability to do so, but I can appreciate the lessons that I’ve learned. Without a doubt, The Bachelor is in no way intended to be a source of moral questioning, even though it had such an effect on me.

Combined with her own actions and the editing of producers, Courtney has become a target for hatred. I don’t condone her behavior, even if she is now experiencing regret, but should she really be a topic of controversy? Poking fun at her commentary is one thing; making a Facebook hate-site is another.

I’d love to hear your thoughts—whether you watched the show or not.


12 thoughts on “Inside Scoop on Courtney

  1. All throughout the season I disliked Courtney and thought she was terrible. Even though she said and acted in some rude and sneaky ways I do think the show picked out and edited the show so that her most awful moments were broadcasted. However, I think that she’s receiving far too much negative publicity. I actually felt bad for her on the Women Tell All episode. I felt like all the other women just ATTACKED her and continued to attack her after she was apologetic for the actions that she took during the show. I agree with you, I don’t condone her behavior and don’t think she was the nicest at times but I think that with the remorse she’s shown, America should cut her some slack a tad.

    • I completely agree with all of your points. She made it clear that she is not proud of her actions–I definitely think she deserves forgiveness in this situation. Women can be vicious and the Women Tell All episode was a little over the top.

  2. I stopped watching The Bachelor after this season because I just got sick and tired of the same song and dance; specifically that one person was bench-marked to be a villain. I understand that girls can be mean to one another, but going out of your way to make someone out to be horrible sort of makes me sick. Out culture loves to hate; regardless of if these are real people that we are hating on. Yes, I understand that they run the risk of being type-cast when they audition but they should not have to go to the grocery store and see their face plastered on the front of magazines with ridiculous gossip and slander.

    • You are so right–while I enjoy mindless television after a long day, I certainly would never want to be in their position. Very few Bachelor couples have been successful in their relationships, so it is almost expected that they’ll break up before they even have a wedding (which is better than having a short marriage and going through a divorce!). I can’t even imagine standing in line at the grocery store and reading awful lies about myself!

  3. I definitely try to see the best in people, so I do feel bad if the show played a big role in portraying her as the villain. In no way do I agree what a lot of what she said/how she acted, but people seem to be taking it way too far. It was his choice, even if we as viewers don’t agree. It was a shame though bc I really liked Lindzi. She’ll find a better guy, I’m sure!

    • I really liked Lindzi, too. I think she was a sweetheart, but I don’t know that Ben was right for her. It’s so hard to find any truth in these shows; both the men and women put on a facade, ultimately ending in some dramatic reveal at the conclusion of the season!

  4. I really try hard to see the good in everyone – and I kind of ended up pitying her. She might have a little bit of a bitch factor to her … but I feel like she felt a need to play up this character, and I pity her for that. Editing probably added to that too, unfortunately. Everyone deserves a chance, and I just don’t know if the other girls gave her one because she went 120% mean right off the bat.

    • I think you’re right about Courtney feeling a need to play up a bitchy persona. The show needs good ratings, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that producers play into the drama. (I was told that the girls are always encouraged to drink, then they are asked random questions–which you don’t see when they are talking to the camera.)

  5. I did not watch The Bachelor–I just saw clips focused around Courtney’s ridiculousness. It is kind of crazy how much negative press was focused around her exclusively. It is kind of interesting that there is such major movements in the media to stop bullying yet in almost every reality show bullying plays such a major role.

  6. I feel like people should take their negative energy elsewhere. There are people in this world who deserve animosity way more than Ben and Courtney… they didn’t commit crimes. Also, I call him Francine constantly. The resemblance is uncanny…

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