Spring Break vs. Frozen Yogurt

Since Sunday’s weather was less than ideal (relatively speaking), Ali and I were glad that our flight home wasn’t until Monday evening, meaning that we could spend the entire day by the water. Yesterday, we woke up early so that we could pack a bit before heading out to the pool by 8:30am.



The early morning hours are so serene—perfect for simply just relaxing.


I requested a late checkout, so we were able to stay outdoors for several hours before needing to finish packing our belongings. We were also hungry for lunch by this point, but didn’t seem to realize how much food we had leftover from the weekend. We were sufficiently full once our fridge was cleaned out, needless to say.

After quickly checking out and having our luggage stored, we walked down to the beach for some more sunshine. The water was way too cold for me, though other people didn’t seem to have a problem going swimming.


We had spotted a frozen yogurt shop on our way to our hotel on Friday and we were determined to stop by before leaving Fort Lauderdale. When the sun began to set in the late afternoon, Ali and I decided a cold treat was necessary. As we gradually got closer to the strip with the frozen yogurt, we noticed that the people on the beach became more concentrated (and the noise level increased, too).

The first weekend in March typically kicks off the start of spring break for college students—there was no shortage of spring-breakers in this particular area.


The close proximity to bars and outdoor restaurants seemed to be an attracting factor, along with various beach activities (like a thin rope tied between two palm trees that girls tried to balance themselves on…).

Despite being intrigued by the “games” that were being played, we were much more interested in satisfying our sweet tooth.


Just as we were enjoying our frozen yogurt combination and relishing the fact that we were wearing flip flops and beach tunics, I learned that it was snowing in Baltimore. Nothing like a slap of reality—our trip was unfortunately coming to an end.

With just over an hour and a half before needing to leave for the airport, we walked back to our hotel and went to the on-site spa. We relaxed in the whirlpool and sauna then showered and put on the warmest articles of clothing that we brought (we didn’t realized we’d be returning to an arctic tundra).


We arrived at the airport well before our 8pm departure and had an easy, direct flight to Baltimore.


Though we didn’t make it home until nearly 11:30pm last night, the lack of sleep was worth the extra time in Florida!

Have you experienced a “college spring break?” Any funny stories to share?


14 thoughts on “Spring Break vs. Frozen Yogurt

  1. The beach + Frozen Yogurt = My perfection! I am so jealous! I actually never had the classic college spring break. We often had training trips for rowing during spring break which were anything but fun and beachy! (Nothing says spring break like 5am rowing on a cold river!). I would have loved people watching the Spring breakers! 🙂

  2. I agree – beach + fro-yo is the perfect vacation. I can’t believe I’ve never done anything beach-y for spring break. Not even when I lived in the Dominican Republic!!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time! It’s always sad when vacations come to an end (though I strangely like the return to a normal routine). I never did spring break in college, although my boyfriend and I have been going on trips during his grad school spring breaks (totally not the same, haha!)

  4. Looks like a fabulous time, though I’m sorry to hear you came home to snow. Brrrr! I had my fair share of college spring breaks at the beach. I can assure you, I won’t be sharing any stores. 😉 haha This post totally just made me miss them. Adults need spring break too!

  5. Oh my gosh, beautiful. I need a serious vacation!

    I only went on spring break once, when I was a junior on college. We went to Fort Lauderdale Florida because it was the cheapest option, lol. We stayed at a super cheap hotel and noone was down there because our school’s spring break was in April, like a full month after most schools! Nonetheless, it was a blast!

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