Yo Mama

With temperatures in the high 80s and a cool breeze, Saturday was a gorgeous day to be in Fort Lauderdale. For the majority of the day, Ali and I read by the pool and then walked to the beach.



We only came inside once for a quick lunch break that was enjoyed on our balcony.


Around 4pm, we got off the beach and headed to the fitness center for a short 45-minute workout on the treadmill. After showering, Ali and I walked to the Galleria Mall where we window-shopped.



The Galleria Mall wasn’t that expansive and since we had already eaten dinner at our hotel, we set out to find dessert nearby. I had remembered reading about a place off of Sunrise Boulevard, which I knew was a few blocks away. I turned to Siri on my iPhone to find the exact location, so I asked her to take me to “Yo Mama’s.” Siri’s sassiness then kicked in and she told me that she would not take me to her mother. Finally, after a few tries, Siri came to the realization that I was in fact referring to an ice cream shop and not attempting to insult her mother.



We both chose their homemade coffee ice cream, but had to eat it quickly as it was rapidly melting in the humid weather. As we were walking back to our hotel, several guys stopped us to ask where we got our ice cream—I was careful not to use the shop’s name to avoid sounding like a tool bag. (I’ve always hated “yo mama” jokes.)

This morning, the two of us lounged by the pool again, but had to get off the terrace in a rush once dark clouds rolled in and heavy rain began. We came back to the room for a bit and then braved the rain when the storm cleared out.


The strong winds made it difficult to walk, but we wanted to explore the area, so we walked a couple miles down Las Olas Boulevard.


Along the way, we saw some beautiful houses and cute shops, but didn’t make it to the west side of the boulevard, where an art fair was taking place this weekend.


After walking for two hours and covering just under six miles, we were hungry for lunch. We came back to our hotel to refuel and are now thinking about going outside to read since the sun is out.


13 thoughts on “Yo Mama

  1. hahah that’s really funny. I was visiting Salisbury last night and there was this pizza/sandwich place and all the sandwiches had ridiculous names like “Fat Slut”— it was hilarious to hear people order! haha

  2. Your Siri story is hilarious!! I’m surprised I didn’t come across that ice cream shop when I was in Fort Lauderdale! Glad you guys are having a fun time! 🙂

  3. Hahaha! I love when Siri gets sassy! 🙂 It looks like you two are having a blast! Gosh, I wish I lived in a warm climate! I cannot even fathom being in ice cream melting weather. I am SO ready for summer!

  4. Your vacation looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love it when Siri gets a little sass, she’s hysterical when she wants to be. (In her weird, robotic voice.) Your pictures have me CRAVING the beach. 48 hours to go!

  5. OMG… im dying. that house on the very end is right in Rio Vista, the same street my house is off of in that Isle.

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