Sun-Kissed in Fort Lauderdale

Just before 7am this morning, Natalie drove Ali and me to the airport. I dropped Natalie off and picked her up from the airport last weekend when she flew to Arizona, so she was willing to return the favor today. Besides having a guard ask if my bracelet belonged to the ghost from Christmas past, I made it through security without any problems (a rarity for me).


Luckily, we arrived at our gate just as our plane was boarding and didn’t need to wait for long before taking off. We had a nonstop flight to Fort Lauderdale and since we didn’t check any of our luggage, we were able to catch a cab immediately after getting off the plane.

Because we were checking into our hotel several hours early, we didn’t expect for our room to be ready when we arrived. Much to our surprise, it was ready for us and our check-in process only took a few minutes. After quickly changing into bathing suits and lathering up in sun screen, we headed down to the pool by noon.


Once we were settled in our chaise lounges in a spot under the sun, we ordered lunch from the poolside restaurant. We decided to split a chicken salad sandwich and a side arugula salad, which was really good. I loved that it was served on whole wheat bread and that the chicken salad was made with yogurt, rather than mayonnaise. (I just realized that it’s Friday and I ate meat—crap!)


We spent a few hours by the pool before relocating to the beach.



By 5pm, we had our fill of sunshine for the day, so we went back to our room to change into workout gear. Instead of going to the hotel’s fitness center, we walked to Publix, which was just under two miles away.



We have a well-equipped kitchenette in our room and wanted to stock up on some snacks for this weekend.


It took us nearly an hour to decide what to buy—we wanted to be practical, but also wanted substantial foods. Ultimately, we decided on turkey deli meat for sandwiches, Greek yogurt, plenty of fresh produce, and popcorn and candy (for vacation-induced cravings).

Now we’re cozied up in our fluffy robes and watching a movie in bed.

What are your weekend plans?

Do you buy special treats while you’re on vacation?


8 thoughts on “Sun-Kissed in Fort Lauderdale

  1. It looks like you are having fun in the sun!!! Where did you decide to stay? I think your weekend vacation destination far beats mine (cold Chicago!). 🙂 🙂

    I am all about the fro yo on vacation! 🙂

  2. Your vacation is lookin’ good! I’m a bit jealous of the weather seeing we just got slammed with about a foot of snow up in NH 😉 Have a blast lady!

  3. So smart to stock up on food! hope you have a wonderful vacation!! I definitely buy special treats on vacation and allow myself a little splurge! AKA: Banana macadamia nut waffles with cocnut syrup in Hawaii. I can taste them already!

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