DIY Chevron Rug

The painted chevron rug was a bit daunting, though feasible with a steady hand and patience. It took me a few days to complete; I would suggest breaking the tasks up over the course of a weekend.


I bought the 4’7” x 6’7” Erslev rug from Ikea for under $40. It was the perfect fit for my space, but you can always buy a larger rug for a bigger room, or a smaller rug for an accent piece. Since it was rolled up, I unrolled the rug and let it lay for a few days to loosen any kinks. Before I began taping the rug, I also vacuumed it to remove any lint.


In the meantime, I measured the dimensions of the rug to determine the size of my template. I wanted a large chevron pattern, so I measured the width of the rug then divided that by two (I only wanted two full zig-zags).

Using a cardboard box, I sketched a template based on my measurements. I used a protractor to measure the interior angle, but seeing as I didn’t ace geometry in high school (and typically skipped any problems that involved “math tools”), my cutout was not precise.

I didn’t have a big enough piece of cardboard, so instead, I re-cut two symmetrical parallelograms out and taped them together.


If done correctly, your template should be exactly ½ of the width of the rug, if you want two full zig-zags.

I then began taping the design, “tracing” the template with the tape, and making sure that I had sharp corners where the tape met. I repeated this process until I had covered the entire rug.


To prevent the paint from bleeding and to create sharp lines, I used FrogTape (found in the painting section at any hardware store) to create my pattern. Before painting, I applied pressure to the tape to ensure that it was sticking to the fabric.

I bought a gallon of interior latex flat paint, but you’ll only need a half gallon of paint for this size rug.


After trying a few techniques, I discovered the most effective way to paint it was to alternate between a 1” and 2” paintbrush. I painted the majority of the zig-zag with the larger brush, then used the smaller brush to paint along the edges and to fill in the crevices.


The paint hardens as it dries, so I suggest not leaving any areas unpainted once you begin (it will look streaky if you paint over it after the paint has dried).


Once you have finished painting, let the rug dry in a cool place (preferably out of the sun). Carefully remove the tape when the paint has dried completely.


30 thoughts on “DIY Chevron Rug

    • Hahaha, this made me laugh! When I was in 4th grade, the show Trading Spaces had just premiered and I became obsessed with it. As a 9 year old, I was convinced that I would be on that show sometime and swap houses with my neighbor for the weekend!

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  4. The rug came out perfectly! But I CANNOT stop obsessing over that painting.
    Who’s the artist and what’s the name of the piece? 🙂

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  6. It looks great!! I also bought the Erslev rug to do a similar project, but mine is so creased and wrinkled. I draped it over my banister in hopes that it would straighten out but it still looks so ripply. Did you iron yours somehow to get it to lie so flat?

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