The Perfect Resort Wear

While running a few errands this afternoon, I deliberately told myself not to go to Loft (as I knew I would walk by the store and be tempted). Within seconds, I completely disregarded any prior thoughts and walked right through the glass doors once I saw the colorful display in the windows.

As if a box of crayons exploded in the store, I deemed any article of clothing that was pink, orange, aqua, or lime green to be perfect resort wear—that left about one pair of black dress pants.


Before I grabbed one of everything and tossed it on the checkout counter, I remembered that it’s still 30º outside—despite the random days of spring-like weather—and that I’ll be in a bathing suit for the majority of the weekend in Fort Lauderdale. I clearly won’t need hot pink cords just yet.



This evening, I took two of the kids that I babysit to The Red Zone. The Red Zone is a laser-tag center, an arcade, and a haven for bacteria spread by nose-dripping, grime-producing, and germ-transferring rugrats. Much to my surprise, the place was nearly empty tonight so the kids relished the fact that they didn’t have to worry about getting their tickets stolen or having other kids beat their highest scores in skee-ball.


$50 and 225 tokens later, we racked up enough tickets to “win” a lava lamp or a lifetime’s supply of squishy frogs. Being the wise money-holders that they are, they decided to save their earnings and put it towards the grand-prize, an iDog. I would have gotten a stash of Airheads and called it a day.


Unfortunately, I missed my brother’s first playoff game tonight, but they ended up winning the game, meaning that they were to play a second game at 8:30pm. Luckily, I made it just in time to watch the second game alongside the rest of my family. It was an exciting game and my brother’s team won by two points in the last 10 seconds!


What are you currently lusting after for the spring?

Any cute recent purchases?


15 thoughts on “The Perfect Resort Wear

  1. LOFT does have so much SUPER cute stuff right now. I keep reminding myself that it is still cold outside–and all of the clothes will be WAY on sale by the time the warm weather arrives! I am in love with all of the yellow this season.

    I stopped by Banana Republic yesterday and officially bought my last sweater for the season–I have GOT to stop myself!

  2. I am totally obsessed with the colors of all of these spring/summer collections right now! I recently went on a few insane shopping sprees, but it’s kind of sad because I can’t wear 80% of it for at least another month hahaha

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