The Dark Side: iPhone

For years, I proclaimed that I would never switch over to the dark side—aka become an Apple junkie. When I first became a Crackberry user, I fell in love, but admittedly, the iPhone has surpassed all other phones on the market. So today, my siblings and I all threw our Blackberrys out the window and traded them in for what will be soon become our lifelines.


I’ll be spending the next few hours navigating all of the settings, but I also want to download all of the “must-have” apps. Any suggestions?


12 thoughts on “The Dark Side: iPhone

  1. I have a long list of apps I love! Here are some that I use almost everyday! Pandora, Instagram, Scramble with Friends, Photo Shop Express, Diptic, Flash Light and a new favorite game is Family Feud and Friends.

    I know you are going to love your new iPhone!

  2. Yes, yes come come to the RIGHT side! Haha! You’ll be a very happy heathen once you get used to it. Some apps I love:
    Whole foods
    The weather channel
    Scrabble free
    Urban spoon
    Open table
    And so many more….
    And btw ya gotta play around with it. Take the time and get to know t on your own or you’ll never really figure it out!

  3. Welcome! I recently made the switch too and thought exactly the same: that I would never go to the “i” side. Now I’m wondering what took me so long. I’m still sort of in the discovery period myself but some of my fave apps: instagram of course {make sure to follow me}, fooducate, grupon, living social, angry birds and the wordpress app.

  4. Get ready to become addicted! 🙂

    I switched to the iPhone and I do not think I will ever turn back! It is awesome. The apps that I use the most are: 1) People 2) Netflix (you can watch anything in your Instant Netflix queue at any time!), Yelp, Flixster, and Pandora.

  5. Ha this is so funny! I always refer to the Iphone as the “dark side” My hubby converted me without me knowing with an Ipad for V-Day, bit I still havn’t converted with my phone. To be honest I will switch as soon as I have an upgrade on my phone though- I LOVE my Ipad! 🙂 The Apps that I have so far are Words, Scramble and Hangin with Friends, Pinterest, WordPress, iDo- Notepad, Instagram, Pic Stich, Dyptic Frames, PhotoPad, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter. All these are free- Im trying not to buy any!

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