22 Questions

After class this morning, I was excited to come home and have a few hours free before needing to go back out again. To my dismay, I found my car wedged between two cars that had parallel parked poorly. I assessed the situation, debated attempting to get out of the spot (a predicament that would likely take me 20 minutes), then decided not to risk it. I was already frustrated, and adding a fresh scratch to my car would have made a huge dent—in both my bumper and my wallet.

Luckily, Natalie was also on campus, so I was able to get her keys and drive her car instead. I didn’t leave without ensuring that the offenders were ticketed, though. (Technically, one car was parked illegally.) The unfavorable situation set me back, so now I’m rushing to get out the door.

Several weeks ago, Erica tagged me in the “11 Things” post, and Lauren also tagged me on Sunday. I’m supposed to list 11 facts about myself, but as I’ve mentioned before in my video blog, I feel like I’ve run out of interesting things to share. Due to lack of time and lack of creativity, I only answered the questions that the bloggers posed and gave black-and-white answers that came to mind instantaneously.

Questions from Lauren:

What is your favorite breakfast meal? Eggs if I want something savory, French Toast if I want something sweet.
What book do you have your nose in right now? A calculus textbook.
What part of your bod do you enjoy working out the most? My legs.
What staple item is always in your fridge? Yogurt.
Are you an Instagramer? Why do you love the app? Nope, still stuck on my Blackberry.
What beauty product can you not live without? SPF moisturizer.
What’s your favorite part about blogging? I love being able to look back on old posts and their corresponding photos. I also love that blogging has connected me with some friends from as far back as elementary school.
How do you stay fit-spired? Favorite quote? I whine, “I don’t wanna work outtttt….” then I just force myself onto the treadmill. Works nine out of ten times.
What is your favorite pre/post-workout snack? A banana and a protein shake never fails me post-workout.
Who’s your celeb girl crush? I have two, but they’re twins, so it doesn’t count; Mary-Kate and Ashley—duh.
Pinterest or Tumblr? Why? I don’t understand Tumblr, and Pinterest is a waste of time (though useful).

Questions from Erica:

Where is your dream vacation locale? Martinique.
What’s your favorite movie of all time? The Parent Trap.
If you could have lunch with any person–dead or alive–who would it be? Bethenny Frankel.
If you weren’t working in the career field you’re in now, what other occupation would you enjoy? Invalid question–I have yet to have a career.
Dog person or cat person? Can I choose neither?
What’s one big change you foresee in your life in the next five years? Moving out of my parents’ house and [hopefully] getting a full-time job.
What’s your favorite way to get in a workout? (A long gym session, walking the dog, 3 15-minute sessions throughout the day, etc.) Slowly walking on the treadmill while watching trashy television (or a funny movie).
What’s the last good book you read? Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald.
Are you a sports fanatic? If it involves the Ravens, then yes.
What’s your favorite “special” breakfast? (When you have extra time to prepare something or go out to eat.) Cap’n Crunch French Toast.
Did you play any sports growing up? Yes, I played soccer, field hockey, and basketball.


Share one random fact about yourself or answer one of the questions!


16 thoughts on “22 Questions

    • I had just seen a commercial for “Bethenny Ever After” which made me think of her. Like I said, my answers were basically what came to mind at that moment that I was answering the questions. Now that I’ve given it more thought, I would still choose her. She has an undeniably fresh sense of humor, but more importantly, I think she has an interesting and inspiring story to share. Career-wise, she has made some very smart and admirable business moves. I think her perseverance and dedication is notable, especially given her history.

  1. 🙂 Loved your answers! PS: Cap’n Crunch French Toast sounds OUT OF THIS WORLD…I’m wondering if I could make a healthy, gluten-free spin on something of the sort? Ha, this is the way my brain works…

    Hope the car sitch works out!

  2. Stuck on blackberry?? haha I just traded in my work blackberry for an iphone. So now I have two iphones which is a whole new level of ridiculousness, haha

    Trashy tv is like the only thing that keeps me on the treadmill for more than 20 minutes!

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