A Tom Brady Inspired Trip to Fort Lauderdale

A few weeks ago, after being overjoyed by the fact that the Giants won the Super Bowl (and more importantly, that Tom Brady lost), I made a heat-of-the-moment decision to book a flight to Fort Lauderdale. I blame it on the snowy weather conditions, my overall excitement, and a delusional mind at 11pm.


The time escaped me while I was in New York City, and with the trip to the sunny state of Florida a mere ten days away, I’m now realizing that I’ve done absolutely no research on the area. I haven’t even booked a hotel yet (any suggestions?)!


When I’m traveling out of the country, I spend hours researching the vacation spot and buy as many books as I can to familiarize myself with the area. I probably don’t need to clear out Barnes and Nobles’ bookshelves for a four-day trip, but I would still love to get as many tips as possible.

If you have ever visited Fort Lauderdale, please feel free to share some suggestions! (I’m only traveling with my younger sister, Ali, and we’ll likely spend our days on the beach, but we’d love to go to some great restaurants and do some shopping.)


16 thoughts on “A Tom Brady Inspired Trip to Fort Lauderdale

  1. I stayed at the Gallery One-A Double Tree Guest Suites Hotel when I went to Fort Lauderdale in college! It was a very nice hotel and a short walk to the beach! 🙂 There is a water shuttle that takes you to different areas, and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is nearby in Hollywood, FL! Enjoy!

  2. I’ve never been to Ft. Lauderdale, but I’m sure I will in the next few years if I go to Miami!! I’d love to go there and I’m really jealous that you’re headed down there!!

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