From Betsy Johnson After Parties to Calculus Notes

By 8pm on Wednesday night, I began making the transition from fantasy to reality. I traded in my Daily Front Row magazine (a Fashion Week staple) for my calculus textbook (a marketing major staple). With an impending exam a day after our return and a full lesson to teach ourselves, Natalie and I sat at the lobby bar, where our nerdy tendencies were certainly out of place.

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With several hours to waste before boarding our bus back to Baltimore, we computed equations and memorized trigonometric functions until we couldn’t compute or memorize any more. In case you ever find yourself calculating limits while those around you are calculating drinks consumed, be aware that your textbook will become a new source for pickup lines.

Natalie and I both slept for the duration of our three-hour bus ride and didn’t arrive in Maryland until nearly 2:45am. We were incredibly grateful that our mom picked us up in the middle of the night so that we could get home as soon as possible. The alarm sounded a short four hours after I went to sleep, and going to class on a cold, rainy morning was not easy.

Now that a full day of studying followed by an exam and babysitting is behind me, I’m able to curl up on the sofa and sort through my photos from the past week. While the time flew by, I hardly remember the events from my first few days in the city. Obviously, most days were consumed by fashion shows, but they also included lunch dates with friends, after parties with celebrities (what the hell was Kris Humphries doing at a Betsy Johnson after party??), and cupcake dates with my sweet tooth.


{Betsy Johnson After Party}


{Betsy Johnson showing love after her show}


{Natalie and I showing love after a night out}


{Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes—the best}

I’ll admit—some aspects of the fashion scene are ridiculously glamorous. While it was quite a splurge to enjoy a luxurious seven-day stay at The Empire Hotel, it was pretty cool that passing by designers in the lobby and riding in the elevators with actresses became the norm. By the end of the week, I wasn’t even fazed by the camera crew that was filming in the hotel. If you happen to see my look-a-like during your next dose of reality TV, it is in fact me. So maybe the paparazzi stationed outside of the hotel doors were really waiting for me?


{Joan Rivers filming Fashion Police outside of Lincoln Center}

However, it definitely can be overwhelming, making me want to cry at times. And that’s just what I did. Well, I technically cried once, when the head of security—an overbearing, loudmouthed woman—got in my face and yelled at me for simply doing my job. I’m not one to sit back and bite my tongue as I’m wrongly accused of something, so I argued my case. She then proceeded to grab my credential and demand my full name. (I snickered to myself as my last name is nearly impossible to grasp on the first try.)

Furious that she refused to see my valid point, I stormed out of the venue and sobbed in the bathroom. I came back with a vengeance, later discovering that she had made two other volunteers cry in previous years.

I’ll be catching up on Revenge (and sleep!) tonight, while also browsing through the remainder of my pictures. I’ll share the rest of them this weekend, so stay posted.

Has someone in authority ever made you cry? I rarely cry, but I hate when I can’t explain myself—it makes me so upset!


7 thoughts on “From Betsy Johnson After Parties to Calculus Notes

  1. I’m glad you had a great time! Can’t wait to hear more about your week (and celebrity sightings)! 🙂 I would have been upset, too, if I were in your shoes! I actually cried in the bathroom one day on my first rotation. You just need to sometimes!!

  2. What a meanie! That’s not fair at all. When I was in school, if I was trying to debate a point and people weren’t understanding me I’d get a little teary eyed (that goes hand in hand with stress and lack of sleep though, right?).

    Sounds like you had an amazing week – and I’m incredibly jealous!

    ps….I’m new to your blog. LOOOVE the name of it 🙂

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