A [Glee]full Day at NYFW

A little after 3pm yesterday, my dad dropped Natalie and me off at the bus stop. When I last traveled to New York City for Fashion Week, I was waiting in a hurricane with torrential downpours. It was only lightly snowing yesterday, so I took that as a blessing. As we stood for an hour in the frigid cold—matching in head-to-toe black and dressed to impress—we attracted several inquisitive travelers.

Besides being overdressed for a three-hour bus ride, our two cumbersome suitcases, two duffle bags—one solely for shoes (pun totally intended)—and two purses raised many eyebrows.


A young guy guessed that we were headed on a cruise; our taxi driver assumed that we were moving out of our apartment. There’s no such thing as over-packing [for Fashion Week].

Natalie and I arrived in the city by 7:30pm, then quickly hailed a cab to avoid having to trek through mayhem with luggage that weighs more than the two of us combined.

As soon as we entered The Empire Hotel, we took in the cool atmosphere and checked in without any problems. In true New York fashion, our room’s square footage is equivalent to that of a shoe box, though it is quite swanky.


Once we were settled, we ordered dinner from my favorite Mexican place in the city, Burrito Box. I love that their food is made with fresh, quality ingredients. I’ve been craving their grilled chicken quesadilla for the past four months, so that’s exactly what I ordered. We ate our dinner in bed while watching the best of Wednesday night television—One Tree Hill and Revenge.



We didn’t fall asleep until after 11:30pm, but my 5:30am wake-up call wasn’t too unbearable this morning. I hopped out of bed (without having to ask the front desk to call me again in 15 minutes) and went to the hotel’s gym for a workout. I completed three miles of intervals on the treadmill then came back to our room to shower and get ready for our first day.

It was a luxury to walk out of our hotel at 7:43am and to arrive at Lincoln Center at 7:45am. After meeting the other volunteers, I grabbed a headset (Britney Spears’ style, circa 1998), and went to the first venue. I’m working as the head venue manager this season, so I have a big responsibility, but I enjoy the chaos.


As for celeb sightings? My favorite of the day was Kristin Chenoweth. She was radiant in a magenta top and seemed genuinely grateful to be sitting front row at the Honor show.


Giada De Laurentiis looked gorgeous as well, but her appearance merely reminded me of my grumbling stomach that was begging for a New York bagel. The celebrity lineup also included Maria Menounos, Shailene Woodley, Angela Simmons, Alexa Chung, Jennifer Aspen, Ms. Jay, and Erica Dasher.



Are you an over-packer, or do you keep it to a minimum?

Do you have a favorite food spot in NYC?

Did you watch Revenge last night? Thoughts? I can’t wait for the next episode!


13 thoughts on “A [Glee]full Day at NYFW

  1. I am an overpacker and PROUD of it! I do not believe you can be too prepared–not possible! Plus, do not even get me started on shoes!

    Also, we need to schedule a date to talk about Revenge! Nobody around me watches it and I am HOOKED. Holy. Smokes. I cannot wait for Wednesday night–Is Daniel really going to be killed–noooo way!

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