Blair Waldorf for the Week

I have a suitcase packed full of black clothing; that could mean one of two things–I’m either headed to an out-of-state funeral or to New York Fashion Week. Thankfully, the latter is true. Pretending to be Blair Waldorf for the week (while staying at The Empire Hotel, no less), I’ll be spending eight crazy days in the city. While ignoring the fact that calculus homework awaits me (Colleen Kochesfahani, not Blair Waldorf), I’ll be ogling the newest trends by day and sipping cocktails by night.



When I volunteered during Fashion Week in September, I had an absolute blast, but it will be a bit more fun this time as my sister Natalie is joining me. I’m also excited to see the familiar faces of the other volunteers and guests who I met a few months ago.


If you’re a new reader and want to read about my past experience as a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week volunteer, you can catch up here:

A week full of blisters and aching feet is ahead of me, but pain is the price you pay for Louboutins, right?

P.S. I’ll be tweeting live updates from my personal account, as well as from the Girls’ Life Fashion Closet, so follow along!

What is something in your life that you’re currently excited about?

Will anyone be in NYC for Fashion Week?


8 thoughts on “Blair Waldorf for the Week

  1. I’m so jealous! You will have to fill us all in on the celebrity sightings and great fashion you see 🙂 I’m totally a sucker for that stuff. Good luck and have fun!

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