I’m That Student (Read: Annoying)

The first day of class is all about first impressions, right? Well, I sure made a lasting one, to say the least. My sister Natalie and I are taking a calculus course together this semester. We left 45 minutes before class started, but within ten minutes into our drive, we hit a lot of traffic. Baltimore’s weather yesterday was crazy—it was extremely foggy in some areas and bright and sunny in other spots. It was 9am, so we expected traffic to be light, but that was not the case. A combination of the morning rush and the fog caused us to be bumper-to-bumper for the entirety of our drive.

During the first week of classes, students are allowed to park anywhere on campus—or so we thought. Class began at 9:30am, and after sitting in traffic for over 40 minutes, we were late. We looped through the campus and drove to the faculty parking lot, hoping to see the gate open. As luck would have it, the gate was closed. In a panic, we quickly turned around and searched for street parking. Despite Natalie’s shrieks to just park in front of a fire hydrant, we ended up parking in the farthest lot.

Frazzled, we rushed out of the car and hiked up the street as fast as we could. Luckily, I already knew exactly where the classroom was, so we didn’t have to search the building. Nervous that we wouldn’t be able to sit next to each other since we were 15 minutes late, Natalie handed me my supplies (she packed me a notebook and pencils), and we tip-toed into the classroom. I was relieved to find two seats together in the front row—I didn’t want to have to embarrass myself even more by trying to squeeze through rows of students, forcing them to tuck in their chairs.


Our professor was still going over the syllabus, but I hate playing catch-up. Plus, I was having difficulties with my pencils and couldn’t jot down what he was saying. I prefer mechanical pencils, but the only one that I had was out of lead, except for the piece that was stuck in the eraser, so every time I tried to erase something, more lead marks got everywhere. I’m assuming that was my brother’s doing. (When Natalie saw me grabbing five different writing utensils in the morning, she laughed and told me it wasn’t the SAT—clearly, I did need all of them.) I am that student who has to whisper to a neighbor to ask for a piece of paper, and then a pen, five minutes later, and then I’ll need you to share your textbook with me, too.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I wasn’t on the roster so I was singled out after our professor called roll. Full disclosure: I attempted to take this class once before but ended up withdrawing, so he already knew my name. I was mortified; Natalie laughed.

And that’s why I prefer online classes.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments in class?

If you are currently a student, how was your first day of school?


41 thoughts on “I’m That Student (Read: Annoying)

  1. I don’t think I’ve had any moments like that, we did have a girl in my first small class yesterday spill her coffee everywhere and shout an expletive 😉

    Hope the semester goes well for you! Mine should be a pretty good one.

  2. One time on exam day I went to the room my final was to be in. Students in all sections of the class took it at the same time and place no matter what time your normal class was held. I went in and found a seat. I didn’t see any of my classmates but no big deal right? It’s a huge auditorium and I could just not see them. A student aid passed out the exam and when I looked down I had never even heard of the questions on the final?! Panic time! This is some engineering final. I got up and ran out. So short story 1 hr before the final my professor had sent an email about the room change which I didn’t get… I graduated in August and have realized none of the silly things I worried about in college matter anymore. I definitely don’t miss going to class! Goodluck this semester!

  3. Oh no! That has definitely happened to me in the past. I missed the majority of my first day of a nutrition class my senior year (because I thought I left a candle burning in my apartment – true story), and I ended up missing an in-class assignment. I didn’t start that class off on a good note! I also remember being that (annoying) student during finals week when I had bronchitis one year. Hope the class gets better! 🙂

  4. I hate when I’m that annoying student who is coughing up a lung throughout class. I’ve had to walk out because my cough was so bad that it was disrupting my 500 person lecture….talk about embarassing.

  5. Haha awww I HATED days like that! UGh it makes the whole day feel out of whack when things like that happen. I’m not in school anymore but there have been a couple of times when I’ve TOTALLY slept through my alarm and been late to work. One time I woke up at 9:15 and I had a HUGE presentation at work at 10. Work is at least 25min away so it was like the fastest getting-ready in the morning ever! I was SO frazzled but the presentation actually went fine!

    • Oh my gosh! I’m impressed that you were able to pull it off. I would have been so overwhelmed and frazzled–definitely wouldn’t have been able to deliver a successful presentation. When I’m giving a presentation, I’m a nervous mess even when I am prepared!

  6. My first day of class (last Wednesday) went fairly smoothly, besides the fact that, as a SENIOR, I forgot a notebook and a pen…I take notes primarily on my laptop because I type faster than I write, but still…kind of embarrassing that after 7 semesters, I was still unprepared. Best of luck this semester!

  7. I hate walking in late to class too! That happened to me this semester when my girlfriend and I both got stuck in traffic and were about 15 minutes late for class. Instead of walking in to the backdoor of the classroom, we actually walked into the front door and had to walk to an open seat in the back; SUPER embarrassing! So I feel your pain 🙂

  8. Oh goodness I totally know where you are coming from! I swear everyone has had a terrible experience with a class or something.
    Here is my horror story: I was transferring off of a shift of work (I worked at the college) and trying to make it to class on time, as I was leaving and training a new guy a professor came up and asked me for help dealing with my work- I was going to be late for class so I explained that I had to go because my shift was over and I needed to get to my next class. The professor proceeded to chew me out, call me lazy, and worthless for the next 30 minutes. I cried when he finally was done chewing me out- I had to get to my class with tears running down my face and completely flustered AND I was late because of him. What a tool! (and I normally don’t call people things like that- he’s the exception!)
    I hope that this calculus class goes great and that you just soar through it! Good luck! 🙂

  9. I am so sorry you had such a stressful first day of class. That is THE worst! Stupid traffic! I totally have my fair share of embarrassing class stories. We used to have early morning crew practice before classes, so there were many “try to sneak into class 15 minutes late in horrendous spandex practice uniforms” moments. However, I am so jealous you have a class with your sister–how FUN!

  10. Sorry to hear about your first day! I always find myself doing something so embarrassing on the first day of classes. It can only get better though right 🙂 I don’t start classes until Monday and am actually taking my first online class.

  11. Sounds like the perfect storm’o’shame! At least the prof will definitely remember your name 😉 I remember my very first college course – I didn’t realize we had reading to do before the first day, so when the prof randomly called on me to answer a question, I had one of those “oh shit!” moments, followed by confusion, followed by pure embarrassment for being so clueless!

  12. I can’t remember any embarrassing moments in college, although I think I might have one. I’m already into my third week of class, but the first week went really well for me, even though I was still trying to adjust to my sleeping schedule.

    I took calculus one year and I actually like it better than pre-calculus, which I thought was so unnecessary.

  13. Hopefully the rest of the semester will be better!!
    Today my teacher decided to go over the exact same thing we talked about last class so I wasnt really paying attention. He also makes us put out name tags, totally forgot about this until he called out my name and asked me a question. Thank god my guess was the right answer! Even though I said the right thing my cheeks turned pink as I paused to answer. I hate being called on, it felt like the whole world was watching!

  14. Oh gosh, this didn’t happen to me but on the first day of classes (I’m a college freshman) somebody in my 200-person chemistry class raised their hand and asked to go to the bathroom.

    hysterical and sad at the same time!! 😛

  15. Aww I am sure it will be okay once everything gets going 🙂 I tend to snack during classes and I have had moments where the packaging I am using for my food is particularly loud and everyone can hear me shifting through the bag or whatever, while the professor is talking… oops!

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