Screw the Workout

A crazy schedule between interning and nannying meant that working out simply wasn’t feasible some days. There’s no way I’m waking up at 4am to exercise and by the time I arrive home after 8pm, I just want to crash on the sofa. I’ve finally adjusted and have figured out what will work best for me, so I dragged myself out of bed especially early yesterday morning. I wanted to start the week off on a positive note by getting on the treadmill first thing in the morning.

Reluctant to change out of my cozy pajamas, I put on shorts and laced up my tennis shoes. I crept downstairs and switched on the lights only to find that my brother and his friend were sprawled out on the sofas. Needless to say, my run didn’t happen. I considered running outside, but then I remembered that the roads were still icy. And that it was 15º in Baltimore. So I screwed the workout idea.

Instead, I grabbed a blanket and read for a little before making breakfast. Even after four years, I’m still not tired of eating an egg sandwich several days a week.

egg sandwich with grapes

I cooked my egg in a small pan that is in the shape of a pig, but it didn’t quite turn out (I think it would work better with pancakes).

pig pan


I have class this morning, so I guess I better go find a notebook and a pencil.

Have you ever had to change your workout plans because of something out of your control?


17 thoughts on “Screw the Workout

  1. Haha that is a great pan!! The egg sandwich looks delicious. I am the same way with oatmeal. I never seem to get sick of having it almost every morning for breakfast!

    • My mom got it for Natalie and me for Christmas since we normally cooked our eggs in a too-big pan. It’s great! I have fazes with my meals…my senior year of high school, I had French Toast and two eggs every morning. I have no idea how I managed to cook all of that before school!

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